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ARTSCAPE Village Artist Colony

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While we won't officially open until next month, all but one of the original galleries is filled and I added four more. This is a great start for AUGUST in SL :D.   There is plenty of great art to see, gifts to pick up and a beautiful building to explore. I have added a few pieces of "top shelf" work of outside artists and there are now seating areas for small group discussions and such.


These are open to everyone to use, not just ARTSCAPE Artists. 

There is an info board at the landing point. 



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11 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

Heh, Lil, as I mentioned elsewhere I'm trying that weird "follow" function on the forums, and I'm following you. You are taking me places I normally don't visit. :) Thanks!

ETA: Did that sound creepy? Stalker-y? It may have. :) Blame the software!

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Thanks to LittleMe for adding fairly important info *wink*.

However  -- GOOD sleuths (and I usually am one) could find the info in SEARCH in the viewer or by looking at my profile inworld. Always good to remember that there IS life outside the forums.

That being said, the SLURL omission was not purposeful - LOL.  Too many irons in too many fires lately.  

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Adding some recent photos. The original galleries are almost full and I added more. Even if you aren't in need for a free gallery, you can pick up some very nice art gifts in each of the individual galleries. 






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