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An update on Celestial Game Tower's entertainment destinations.

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I did a quick count and between The Gamer's Grind, The House of Cards, Grunge Arcade we have about 150 different games out and it is still growing. Board games, card games, video games etc.

The Gamers Grind: I added a couple skybox areas. One for the party games for a cozy area to play party type games with your friends. Things like Cards Against Humanity, Never have I ever, some pictionary style games etc. Close to 90 games available to play. Some solo. I also created a Tournament & Convention Hall area. Currently there is a room up there set up for Chess tourneys and in time it will have large group games and tournaments in some form or another. It might be used for game conventions and other events and gatherings. The store area is slowly expanding but there is a growing selection of games to buy. A couple hard to find gems are MF Zombie dice. A dice game created by famed skill game maker Kaine Cleaver famous for creating the skill game Deal. This game pays homage to a real world dice game called Zombie dice but themed after his zombie themed skill game from back in the day. Also Settlers of Second Life is here. This game is OLD!!! It was made at a time when scripts had much more limitations and is composed of a crazy 255 prims!!! It's so old I can't get the dates the scripts were created. The same game if created to day would likely be around 20 prims. But it is one of the VERY few examples of a more modern board game ... even though Catan is now considered a modern classic. A couple other stand out games to look at is Galaxy War which is our game of the month and Night Wanderer .... which is just a beautiful work of art!! Simple fun game but has such a huge attention to detail you really have to see it in person. 

The House of Cards I added a Card game event hall. You can find the entrance at the top of the castle in one of the towers. This will be used as a poker (just for fun no gambling) room and will have some card game related events in it as well now and then.

Grunge Arcade: I completely replaced the building and it was surpisingly hard to find one that worked for the arcade asthetic but I finally found one! I added a few more games here as well and will be adding more. Down the line I will put in an event hall in here as well once I have it planned out. But I have a few ideas. 

Escape Zombie City: This is VERY early into building. It will take some time before it is ready to open. But it takes a unique combination of a Zombie apocalypse shooting area but we are going for a more story driven take and mixing in some escape rooms into some of it. It might be a few months before it is ready. 

Please come visit and see what we are doing down here. I am scouring SL for new and old games daily.  If you see any unique new games out there please let me know! 

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