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1/4 Full Region - Only L$19300/MONTH!!! Landownership with full rights!!! No set up fee!!!

Sephirot Vella

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Sim Corner with waterfront protected view on two side!!!
(16,384 sqm / 3,750 prims / Class 5 Server / Low Lag)





Hi all!

My name is Sephirot Vella, I'm in-world since 2007 and call myself a designer.
I own a pretty low lag class 5 full region called "FOLK FACTORY" since 2008, but at the moment my Second Life is not aimed at business because I'm very busy with my work in RL and I do not have a great L$ income... so the Linden Lab Maintenance Monthly Fee (US$ 295,00) has become too expensive for me...

For this reason I would be happy to share my sim with good people who love SL like me and want to own a land for residential or commercial in a peaceful place, away from chaos and lag of Mainland.

I am willing to sell land without any set-up fee and split monthly tier into equal parts! My only gain will be your friendship and lower monthly cost to maintain sim inworld!

Purchasing a parcel on my region means be a LANDOWNER WITH FULL RIGHTS, without any set-up fee! Premium Account is not required and you will only pay the monthly tier: the cheapest on sl, based directly on the Linden Lab Official Price List for Full Region:


  • 1/8 Full Region: L$9,700/MONTH (8,192 s.q.m. with 1,875 prims)
  • 1/4 Full Region: L$19,300/MONTH (16,384 s.q.m. with 3,750 prims)
  • 1/2 Full Region: L$39,000/MONTH (32,768 s.q.m. with 7,500 prims)

YOU CAN: managing options of the "About Land" menu's Tab, terraforming, landscaping, building, subdivide your land, deed it to your group, sub-rent it and do whatever you want in compliance with simple covenant that ensures good relations between residents.




  • Sim performance always at the top;
  • The lowest lag possible on a region;
  • Technical support inworld H24 for all your needs;
  • Landscape orderly and harmonious;
  • Waterfront Protected View;
  • No Griefing, harassment, pushing or excessive shouting (noise) from neighbors.


By now my full region hosts two fashion designer with their mainstore and one resident with his private home. Considering that structure aimed at daily events (Pubs, discos, casinos) and Breedable animals are not allowed, If you're interested, I suggest you read covenant before purchase.

Payment: In the past I have had tenants who left island without even a day's notice to go to homestead or purchase their own. Since I do not earn anything on rents and I offer high availability to all my residents, if you decide to leave your lands on my region, I think it's right to warn me with a little advance so I have time to find new tenant to share monthly tier to Linden Lab. For this reason, if you decide to buy a land on my island is required one month's rent in advance. I will keep it as a deposit: when you decide to leave the island, you advise me and you can use your deposit as payment of last month's stay on the island.




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4130 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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