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Issues with SL viewer 2.7.1

Zac UwU

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I'm having some trouble starting the newest release of the Viewer 2; 2.7.1
Since it downloaded and installed it I can no longer start up the viewer. As soon as I click it's icon in my task bar (double click desktop) it loads for a few secs and then it stops, nothing appears or pops up. I tried to remove my cache manually without any effects, I also updated my graphics card from intel and even did Windows Updates but still nothing.


I'm currently reinstalling the 2.6.9 version, but does anyone have any ideas?


I'm on Windows 7 - 64bit.



Thanks alot!

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I really started to hate this update. I wanted to relogg and saw the new possiblity for an update. I started it but it crashed before finshing. I couldnt logg in since this and now I just try to clean my pc form sl viewer stuff and install the old version. I am frustrated, why do linden put such updates up that can crash everything?

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Hello Zac. As i see you are not the only. You are the 4rth or 5th user tonight with exactly the same problem. Maybe we can start a jira about that.

Zac Remex wrote:

I m currently reinstalling the 2.6.9 version, but does anyone have any ideas?



That's what you must to do but remember when you log in to set your software updates NO to be installed automatically. (Preferences --> Setup --> Hardware)

Let us know if you fixed the problem with the previous edition of V2.

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Hello Syo. The problem is not for all. For example i downloaded and installed the new version without problems. On the other side i see that several users have exactly the same problem tonight with the new version. I am sure that LL read the topics tonight and also the Q&A and that soon they will fix the problem (if it is possible). The good is that downloading the previous edition of V2 resolves the problem and you can log in again. The last i have to say is that (for my opinion) the page with SL System requirements seems to be out of date after the last update(s) (i mean graphics cards) and maybe LL is good to refresh it.

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I am on a MacBook Pro with this card:  NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M:

SInce the last two updates, I wait and wait, and the second the viewer loads it crashes, no message, no nothing. 

The strangest thing is that my older MacBook Pro has no trouble logging in.

Any ideas? I need this laptop to work, because I use it for my machinima.

I, too have cleared cache, lowered graphics settings, tried logging in different sims, etc.



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I updated Viewer 2 to 2.7.1, but several of the drivers wouldn't extract without an error message.  The viewer still runs but i'm concerned with whether or not they will have some sort of impact on SL.

Here's a list:








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Ditto with all the DLL files, finally got that fixed after a restore, and 5 times trying to install....not I get inworld, and everything with a shine is now transparent, and I cant change my windlight....in addition, my water now looks like blue construction paper.....the only way I can get it remotely normal, is by lowering my graphics to LOW from Ultra.....so far, this update sucks

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For me, I can login fine, but when people im me that are not on my friends list their name appears blank, and i couldn't view their profiles. This was earlier tonight. Also I notice some images are loading blurry in stores on the ads. And group chat never loads up the participants. Just says loading, but it will let me type in there after sometime and bug saying error  sending message. Very frustrating.

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Hi, if it seems to freeze up with an hourglass or spinny circle with the black screen, try before you login: ctrl+P for preferences, graphics section, hardware button, then turn vertex buffer objects *off*. This bug was in the development viewers for a couple of days and already fixed there, but I think they made the release from a version a little older than the fix.

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I don't suppose you know where one could download an older (previous) version of the viewer. I looked on the download page, but don't see anything other than the most recent.

Mine also forced an update ... wasn't expecting that :(

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I have a problem during launching with the last version of SL (2-7-1-232828). I have the error message "the application can't be correctly intialized (0xc000001d) twice and the viewer crashed.

I tried to install the beta viewer but there is the problem too. I remove the viewer and installed it again but there is the problem too.

I'd like to return to the version before these one which is working. How to do that ?

Or how to fix the bug ?

Thank for your replies.

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I got a message that SL wants to set me to default settings.  However, when I looked in my preferences, the only thing that changed was my graphics were set to low. 

I can't log in yet to SL, but I'm going to try again.  I did get on for a little bit yesterday, but it was like I was stuck in limbo; half there, half not. 

I'm also getting another message about some software deal thing.  I don't know what it is.  Anyhow, two reports were sent to some software company through Microsoft.  Dunno know what's going on with that yet.  It might help, it might not. 

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I'm SOOO glad I'm not the only one! I tested this back when it was beta and it had the SAME problem! According to the logs, it's trying to load the directories as files!

2011-06-15T20:52:17Z WARNING: LLControlGroup::loadFromFile: Cannot find file C:\Users\Flame Soulis\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\user_settings to load.2011-06-15T20:52:17Z INFO: LLAppViewer::loadSettingsFromDirectory: Cannot load C:\Users\Flame Soulis\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\user_settings - No settings found.

 I reported this EXACT problem back in May! Way to go LL!


PS - Is it me or are the people who are having this problem using 64 bit OSes and/or Windows 7?

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Im having the same problem with this new veiwer! the file extrator for writing the data is total ass!


Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

All the following files error out and make the program itself unable to boot.


Part 1: image formats






Part 2: codecs (seriously?)




Part 3: Quicktime (facepalm)





Part 4: Media (Yes LL, Media...)



Part 5: Application Setting (oh come ON!)



Part 6: Obviously Important (Or not?)




SecondLifeViewer2\slplugin.exe    <<< In the words of Jack Black "Skadoosh!"








Wow that is ALOT of areas to not be able to open the file to write the data.

and if THAT isn't enough here is the Mac-Daddy Error Message of them ALL!

SecondLife.exe - Entry Point Not Found    (Need I say Any More Proof?)












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