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SL Needs Better Inventory System :(



I wish second life would get better system for there inventory it so had to find stuff and no photos and keep trying stuff on. Gets so annoying, Trying to organize it is nightmare!!! if open more the one inventory boxes maybe better to pull and drag and drop in folders but Ugh takes hours on top hours  to try to organize it then forget what you have only all creators had to put photos on there folder tor have photos of product be so much easier .. 


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Inventory management is SL's version of doing laundry; a necessary chore that is never quite finished.

Fortunately, there are a few tools and techniques that can help you with this chore.

  • You can create sub-folders under most of the system level folders, down as many levels as you like, and even make new top-level folders, with one or two exceptions.
  • You can open more than one inventory window and drag items from one window to another.
  • In the Appearance menu, there is a Gallery. Each time you create a new Outfit, you can either use a picture provided by a creator, or take a snapshot yourself to remind you of what it looks like.
  • The My Outfits folder lets you assemble links to all the parts of a particular look and save them in a folder. Then you can put that look on with just a mouse click. You no longer have to remember where the actual items are stored.
    • You can use Firestorm's Find and Replace Links features to do a blanket replacement of things you use frequently in your Outfits. This is useful when they send you an updated version of your mesh body, or you change the shape that's your everyday favorite.
    • But this is one of the folders where you can't create sub-folders. You should have a naming system for your Outfits so that they tend to be grouped together, both here and in the Appearance/Edit Outfit window.
  • You can store infrequently used items in boxes. Even better for many things, you can store them in a Notecard, a trick I just learned recently. (I knew you could embed stuff in Notecards, I just had not thought to apply that to inventory management.)
  • You can save the original boxes stuff comes in, so as to have a backup. Or you can choose to live dangerously and delete the boxed version once you've unpacked it. You can also delete versions of things that are made for bodies or heads you don't own and don't plan to own. In many cases, if you do lose something, or change your mind and want a version of it you threw away, you can get a re-delivery.
    • Note: You should ALWAYS save a backup version of HUDs. There's a bug that can permanently break any HUD you happen to be wearing at the time of a system crash.
  • Speaking of infrequently used things, I have a LOT of Outfits that I wore once or twice, but haven't worn in years. These contain some very old clothes, hair, skins and shapes. You should go through your Outfits now and then and delete ones that have become dated. Then either delete the underlying items too, or box them up and save them in your Nostalgia folder.
  • There are several inventory management systems and devices out there; check the Marketplace to see if there are any that appeal to you. Look for reviews of them on YouTube before buying!
  • Even people skilled at inventory management spend a certain amount of time at it. Set aside some time for it each time you log in, just like you set aside some time each week to do your RL laundry.
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