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What is the maximum mainland parcel size I can get for 7 USD Tier level when deeded to group?


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I have 2048 sqm lands from mainland and all are deeded to a group.

Right now my land manager details as follows.


Question 1: It says "square meters donated  is 1870. But I donated all the 2048. What is the difference?

Question 2: It says 178 sqm is available. But when we deed to a group, we get 10% extra lands bonus, so total should be 2252.8 sqm. As I already have 2048, I should able to get 204.8 sqm more, right?

I appreciate for any advice.

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The numbers here are all in units of tier, whereas group-owned land is 1.1 times that amount (give or take rounding to fit the 16sq.m. minimum unit of parcel size).

So you've donated 1870 sq.m. of tier, which would cover 1.1*1870 sq.m., or 2057 sq.m. of actual group-owned land—more than enough to cover the 2048 the group actually owns.

(In fact, you should only need to donate 1862 sq.m. of tier to cover that 2048, so it seems there's an extra 8 sq.m. you could remove from the tier donation if that's all the land you needed to cover.)

The 178 sqm available is also about tier: you've donated 1870 of your 2048 sq.m of tier, leaving 178 sq.m. remaining. If you actually donate that additional 178 tier to the same group, yes, the group should be able to own a total of 2252.8 sq.m. of land (rounded down to the nearest multiple of 16).

The page can't make these adjustments for you. It doesn't know why you donated an extra 8 sq.m. of tier to the group, and can't tell whether you want to donate that remaining 178 tier to the group or use it to buy land as an individual, in which case the 1.1 bonus factor wouldn't apply.


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So is that means can I get upto 192 sqm as deed to the same group, and stay without increasing the 7 US$ tier?

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Right, that's the amount of additional group-owned land (a multiple of 16) that 2048 sq.m. tier can cover if all the tier is contributed to the group.

The way I always do that, to avoid unpleasant surprises, is to contribute all the tier to the group first, then when buying the land, activate the group and use the "Buy for group" option.


(Especially when close to my tier limit, this is easier than the alternative, buying as an individual and then deeding the land to group, because that requires me to own the land as an individual, without that 1.1 group tier bonus.)

To contribute that tier to the group in advance, use the Group Info window (Ctrl+Shift+G to open group list, "View Info" from right-click context menu), to get something like this:


I'd guess that when the thread started, your group's Land/Assets tab looked something like:

Total contribution: 2057
Total land in use: 2048
Land available: 9
Your contribution: 1870
  (2048 max)

and what you'll get when you contribute that whole 2048:

Total contribution: 2252
Total land in use: 2048
Land available: 204
Your contribution: 2048
  (2048 max)

then you can spend down those available 204 sq.m. in increments of 16. Make sense?

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