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Log in Fail

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Hi @MystiqueOmega, welcome to the forum. We will need a little more information in order to be able to point you in the right directions to see what might be wrong.

Start by going to your viewer's top bar menu, Help -> About [viewername] and copy/paste all of that page to a post here. Once we can see that, we can move forwards from there.

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It is not clear if password is being rejected or login is failing.

On occasion a region goes down. If that region is your home, you can't login there. The same thing can happen when logging into the Last Location.

Try logging into Farstone, Furball, Pounce, or Windover Cay. Keep a set of region names handy for such occasions.

If you use the firestorm viewer make sure you are logging into the main SL grid. With FS it is also possible to select an OpenSim location, in which case your SL ID and PW won't work.

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