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Steampunk, SciFi, Alternative Timelines -- where's my fam?

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More of a lifestyle relationship query. Do you live out your Secondlife around others in a community, or just off on your own? I find hopping around clubs is good for meeting people, but not the people I'm likely to click with. Idk, maybe I miss the hints when I get an IM, I assume it's just general interest chat, cuz I am reading profiles deeply, looking for connection in interest, where we might meet and argue the finer points of what actually happens if time ends, and everything. I'm looking for people that probably don't go to clubs, I guess. But I don't know where to go, to meet them. I go to the in-world Con's, but they're far between, and relatively short... vs, the time in between, when I'm on sim redesign 142, hoping someone will stumble in, and we click... 

Again, mainly for finding others of like mind. Of lifestyle-like mind.

The title is about just my main digs, grooves, and well-worn paths in SL. There are roleplay communities, I know, but not lifestyle interest - how I'd actually like to live, in an unstructured SecondLife, vs joining a deliberate roleplay. How do ya'll find each other? I wish there was a "Meet the Peeps" open mic night, where we could lay out our best elevator pitch in 10 minutes or less... or more. 

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