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HIdden avatars names are the worst thing EVER

Fornicola Butuzova

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Bad bad bad bad bad idea, and I never realized til just now.  SL Marketplace does not give you the real avatar name anymore.  So if somebidy has a beef, you cant find em.  If you have an update, you cant find em.  If you want to say thanks and follow up, you cant find em.  

Is it too much to ask to know who you are doing business with.  To have some way to build a relationship, mend a fence, maintain some sliver of accountability on behalf of the customer.

It is bad enough that customers have a one way, drive by ability to run rough shod over merchants without any abilty to fix it, but anonymous sales is the worst thing ever.

I had a customer bash my product and take off a star, her listing comment title was "great house, slow delivery"

This was one of those extended times when they take the customers money and do not deliver, you can not re deliver beacuse the sale has not gone thru on teh merchant end.  I had sereval of these in the same night about a month ago.  Once I discovered it I started IM customers to let them know I knew about it and was tryng to ge it taken care of.

Did she ever contact me, no, she just ripped a star off my listing,

Back then I had her name, I contected HER, she told me that she really loved the house but took off a star becuase she hates SL Marketplace and wanted to punish THEM.  Completely ignorrant of the damage she was doing. Worse than that, she was PROUD to be "sticking it to SLM"

I sent this in, to have it removed, with her chat log where she fesses up that she took off a star because of the delay, not becuase of the procut and they did nothing.

Now you cant even try.

In the section about turning a bad review into a good experience, how the hell are you supoosed to do that when you cant even fnnd out who the hell bought it..  Youhave no way to know who you are doing business with.

I'm really fed up.

We do great job taking care of our customers, and LL is making it harder and harder to do that. 

Losing stars over delays in not fair, and now that you cant know who bought it, you cant even appeal.

In 2008 I got a 4 star because my barn had dust emmiters, to add an atmosheric effect, it is completly mod, and they can be removed effortlessly.  The customer never asked me, they just ripped a star off my listing.  That was 2008 and I havent had anything less that 5 star since then, until now. 

Peeps get pizzed off at the delays, never think that what they are doing is not fair, and rail ya becuase they are mad and want revenge, not at you, at SL Marketplace.

They rip stars over issues they nver contacted you about.  Never gave you the chance to advise or remedy, they just rip stars, leave ignorant comments, and what can we as merchants do, nothing.

You can appeal, but they never get taken down. 

I want to know who I am doing business with

I want the ability to publicly rate a buyer

I want them to have to answer some questions about due diligence  before making ignorant comments

I want a real oppertunity to appeal a review

I want to not lose a half a star when 2 comments out of 15 are 4 stars (How 2 out of 75 possible stars adds up to a 10% penalty is ome kind of magic LL math)

I want notice of a new "Pending" review before it posts


I  want all this or I want them to take down reviews


It is completely unfair to merchants the way it works now.  Adding anonymity to the buyers advantage is pouring gasoline on a fire.

The system is gamed by hack builders who use rWarder to cheat anyways.

There are hack builders braking federal laws by advertiding "last 24 housr" sales for months

There are hack builders who list at 99l for a week and then take all the great reviews and sales weight with them when they re-list at 3999 a week later and are on page one having never sold a single unit at that price.

Why should anyone bother to do a good job, to be honest, to follow up with custmers, to work really hard making innovative things for the marketplace if it is all a joke to LL and they are always n the side of those who cheat to peddle crap, and those who bash a product without taking any responsibility to try and resolve an issue before they do a drive by rating and review.

We sell homes, and home sales drive land use.  Our business is important to LL, We sell a lot and have a stellar record of customer service.  We are honest, we never use photoshopped photos in our listings, we never use maya renders in our listinsg, we never use images taken with shadow clients to decieve buyers into thinking we are better builders. 

We dont lie, we don't cheat, we dont misrepresnt our products with dishoenst photos.

We take great care of our customers before during and after the sale.  We answer all IM's form customers with questions assoon as we can, if not instantly then never more than a few hours if we are asleep.

Despite all that, still we suucceed.

We are doing the hard work and fighting he good fight, can we get just a little damn respect from our "Partners" in commerce.



















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There's no anonimity on the Marketplace.

Look at the buyer \ reviewers name and search for it inworld and it will come up. If you are using an onlder 1.xx based viewer though, you might have to add the surname or 'Resident' to the search.

If you are using an older 1.xx based viewer I'd strongly suggest to start to look at a 2.xx based viewer though (the official one or a TPV using 2.xx code, such as Phoenix Firestorm - it doesn't matter). I say this not as some 'viewer wars' comment - merely because very soon 1.xx based viewers will become largely unusable, particularly when Mesh arrives.

2.xx viewers make this particular issue easier to deal with too - there's none of this pain in the neck 'Resident' surname thing required in them :)

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The suggestions to use some viewer that is based on series 2 viewer code are good.

For finding people I would use at least the SL Beta Viewer that has the new search feature. When you use the People Filter when searching, you don't have to worry about whether you are trying to find a Display or login name.

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No one told me about the name "Resident" failing to appear, but somehow I guessed that's what it must be, and it worked, so I assumed it was just one of the many things that had already been announced or explained, but that I had missed because it was mixed in with a bunch of marketing crap.

I realize now that I probably should have said something, but since this thread is the first time I've heard of anyone else being confused about it, I didn't bother.

I'm sorry.

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I've never had a problem finding customer names, did I miss something?

They show on the history and in my emails. Are you looking on your transaction history on your dashboard,  where they are all called Marketplace Linden, instead of looking in your transaction history on marketplace merchants home, where the customer name is mentioned several times?

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