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Looking for a friend maybe more

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Hey folks, my name is Aryn Roecastle (Greywolf Starchild). I've recently returned to second life after about 9 months due to some health battles. It seems a lot of the people I used to see around have disappeared and are gone like the wind. 

I'm looking to meet new people who are open minded and enjoy just random adventures, going to different sims and just exploring.

I'm openly gay, in my 30's and located on the east coast of the United States. I often have a tendency to make stupid jokes and do random voices trying to be funny. 

I love everything pop culture and the supernatural/unexplained. I often find myself talking about the latest song or tv show randomly.

I'm currently single in both worlds and would be open to having someone special but for now just having fun with new people would be amazing.

I currently own a sim and am there for about four to five hours a day listening to music and attempting to landscape. 

If you'd like to say hi, don't hesitate to message me 

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