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Group-Owned Experiences ?

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It seems we are still limited to one Experience per resident account.  This is limiting if I want to have an isolated experience in a single region -- an experience named for something relevant to that region.  I might also want an experience tied to objects I personally create.  The two should not cohabitate a name, a maturity rating, or anything else.  They are not the same thing.

So my question... is it on the roadmap for a Group to own an Experience rather than an individual resident?

Alternately, I guess it's been discussed for years now about allowing more than one per resident -- also fine if they'd ever do it.

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It's not immediately obvious, but experiences are also an accountability management framework. I doubt many people know how, or that they even can abuse-report an experience*, but if/when they do, I assume LL would much rather have a single point-person to talk to**.

Experiences also already have as much group tie in as they need; set an experience to a group and then the group can add or remove people(scripters) as contributors to the experience.

*You can report an experience with me->experiences->allowed->[name of experience]->report abuse

**Kind of a moot point I know as groups also have a creator/founder.

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