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Hello All! Im looking for second life artists and photographers for the grand opening of Moonstone Gallery.

Grand opening date is last day of June, gallery exhibit will last 3 months. 

Grand opening event will occur on  homestead sim that shares space with the Nebula clothing store also opening end of June. Event will feature Deejays and costume contest. And will be advertised in sl  forums and event postings.

Vote your favorite piece will be active during the duration of the exhibit with 500L prize and artist feature for the duration of the next exhibit.  

Theme is otherworldly, ie strange universes, aliens, fantasy, cyber and the strange and weird for all submissions.


Content rating M no sexual pieces, skimpy outfits okay but please make sure all groins are covered or blurred. Breasts allowed as long as not in a sexual nature. 

Submissions need to fit the Otherworldly theme.

No third party branding ie coke, pepsi, nike Prada,  Gucci etc.

All submissions must have some element of second life within it meaning second life had to of been used for some aspect of your work background, avi, elements etc. 

All submissions must be of your creation. 

All submissions must follow LL TOS.


artists can submit 1-3 pieces full perm textures each with a name matched in the notecard

One submission should be titled as follows [Art title, your name, Vote piece]

submit a Notecard containing your calling card and your sl name along with some info about you or anything you would like to share about yourself. Below that, the Name of your work followed by inspirations, year created or any tidbits you would like to share about the piece if you have more than one piece do this for all them.  Then, your flicker link or social media links or link tree at the bottom. Notecards will be added to plaque with your name near your work where visitors can click and read the notecard.

Everything should be placed in a folder titled  [Moonstone Artist Otherworldly: your legacy name] and sent to Gallery curator AstroCosmo Resident in world.

Depending on how many artists submit pieces I may not be able to accommodated everyone and or all their pieces this exhibit but please dont take it personally, and know I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your works and efforts!

A group will be created for future exhibits and events where I will also do call for artists again in the future you can join In world once the gallery opens.

Land is not open to the public yet as it is still being put together but after you submit pieces if you would like to see the gallery or have any questions regarding anything please contact The  Aowhyn Resident.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 785 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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