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Your recommendations for good landscaping

om Piers

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If you wouldn't mind sharing, where are some of your favorite landscaping stores for trees, bushes, flowers, grass, ground cover, etc.?

I haven't got single clue and could really use any advice you can share. Quality is more important than price.

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KIDD for all sort of grass. I second Lilith Heart and Botanical. If number of prims matter to you, you should be aware that some big trees can easy use up 20-30 prims, while newer versions can be big and look good for 3-4 prims. You will need a good graphic card to see these plants at their best.

Organica too. And Forest Feast, they have a huge range of flowers "English garden style". Lots of 1 prim flowers.

For sim border islands and waves, Real Waves by Antreas Alter. Naiman Broome has a lot of nice stuff, but when I was comparing those two, his stuff had more prims and was more expensive.

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Best places got mentioned.

When going shopping, be carefull not to accidentally buy no-copy stuff. Some of these shops sell their products as copy and no-copy permissions. And in one shop it is lil difficult to see which version you will get if you dont pay attention.

Also remember that normal linden plants are usefull too. Having a giant forest made only out from sculpt plants will lag most clients down. Can make good looking enviroments by mixing linden plants and sculpted plants. Also linden plants don't have alpha sort error ;)

Edit: And stay away from temp rezzers. They lag the sim.

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Great. OK get ready. I love outdoor parks and gardens and so I always look for good new ones. :)

This is in addition to the post above. I am taking this from inventory. As far as I know the places still exist, though I don't have the time at the moment to go to each and post a SLurl. If any do not please let me know. It is also possible a few have gardens to enjoy rather than to sell the contents within. If so please feel free to let me know that too.

Some were from Marketplace (a few.) So their in world presence may be gone or moved, again why I post no SLurl at this time. Others might have moved to Marketplace only since I went there. So, if you do not find, please search Marketplace for some.

So in addition to


Clary Craft


And not in any order...I recommend:

HPMD - gorgeous giant trees and other things

Green & Wild Garden Centre - flowers, garden supplies, more

ableseed garden - trees

alirium gardens - trees, flowers, ground cover. I recommend the copyable packs.

Antique Artistry - nice trees

Aprod Gardens - plants, roses, trees

Plants Gardens - trees, ground cover, flowers, all seasons and a nice guy too

Herb's Garden - mostly photorealistic flowers, and trees, some fences etc.

Kidd Grass - those giant grassy and flowering ground cover you see a lot of now in SL. Not copyable I think. But you get many of them in a pack. Also gazebos etc.

Serenite Cutting Garden - has some pretty things including this cutting garden of flower samples for free.

Seychelles Garden - trees

Tesh Garden Center - all sorts of things

Tin Teddy - gardens

Total Bliss - gardens and landscaping

Trompe Loeil - gardens and prefabs

Zigana - garden

Zoe's Garden - flowers, trees

Frangipani Garden

The Sacred Flame Garden 

Garden of Dreams

Tatty's Garden Delights - fairy theme, many accessories, teleporter etc.

Glas Garden Center

TCC - Pandora garden items

Leni Galli Secret Garden at Sculptie Wonder

Pocket Gardens

Aintree Gardens

iTuTu - garden things and furniture


cioccolata at Hyssop

Edo Japan

New Trails






Garden World - look for free terracotta pots

DramaZone - sometimes has a few things

Prims 4 U


Pema's Garden (Pema Bosatsu)

DBD (no landmark, not sure if that's an acronym or abbreviation) - 1 prim outdoor flowers

[[[nocc.]]]  - at petit pas

[AD] - see above re: DBD same explanation

Knock on Wood or [KOW]

21strom (it was on the Botanical sim I think)

Moonshine Creations - at Tre Albion (according to the LM)

The Pandora Garden

Turnip's - mostly home & decor but sometimes has lawn things

Happy Homes - has some garden things & plants & grass I think too

Creative Fantasy - Julia Hathor

7 Pasangs to the South


JubJub Forder (look in their profile for 1 Prim Plants tab)


Now that ought to keep you busy. Happy Shopping!  :D :D :D




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Holy moly Melita! I'm in Botanica right now (I think). That is indeed a long list. It might keep me busy for days. And here I was thinking I could get a few recommendations and go pick up a couple things ... couple hours tops ... yeah, no.

You are very kind Melita. Thank you very much.

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The number of prims ... good tip. I wasn't sure about what I should expect. It would be very good if I can find low prim trees that look good. So far, The ones I have said to myself, "Hey, that's pretty nice" have been around 20-30 or so prims. My graphics card is pretty good, not the best, but still pretty good.

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Good advice... But if you get your stuff returned as an coalesced object, you can run into serious issues when you try to rez it, if it's some Linden plants in it.

 Disclaimer: This was the issue, I don't know if it's solved now. I haven't had land in nearly a year now, so I am not up to date. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Building/coalesced-objects-with-Linden-tress-help/td-p/448020

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More great tips from Liisa. I did notice that a lot of the trees I was looking at were no copy. I understand it but am a little nervous about that. I am prone to screwing up and/or deleting things. With no copy .... I've lost quite a few things in the past ... hurts the wallet.:matte-motes-sour:

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Landscaping by Felix - he has many types of outdoor scenery in his picks.

He makes great land borders that look like mountains. Not a flat picture, but sculpty mountains, flat from the side, nice from front and back.

Also makes grotto, cave, and other scenic design.

Here is one location, and his profile name is FelixvonKotwitz Alter. (Say it three times fast!)


If you look for low prim, many shops now offer 1 or 2 prim trees. New Trails has some and so do many others. If you have a smallish parcel or are in a laggy sim avoid scripted items if you can. It might help. Also I find if I use fewer variety it helps, since each texture takes time to load. If much of it is the same texture, it loads much faster. (Of course, that detracts from the realism and prettiness sometimes too.)

This place has 2 prim trees. I got the 2400 $L multi pack, copyable, which I really recommend. It is great for filling in space without using many prims. The trees look good in my opinion, and, they are in 9 different colors and seasons in this multi pack.

I am not sure what the shop name is. The sim says This Way - mosq lab on top.  Creator, Sql Miles.



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Huh ... I knew someone would ask me that. Truth is, I hadn't decided yet entirely ... probably more toward trees with leaves, bushes, and a few patches of some sort of ground cover.  I've got a 4096 plot that is nekked as a jaybird, and was trying to decide what to do with it. I'm aesthetically challenged in the whole lawn/garden arena.


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You can skim through Heart Botanicals/Lilith Heart at the Marketplace first, then take a look at her sims. Some of her newest trees use very few prims and look really well. But don't buy her XXL trees, they are really big and fit best on a whole sim!

Her Birch Saplings was more than big enough to fill the role as full grown trees for me.

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om Piers wrote:

Holy moly Melita! I'm in Botanica right now (I think). That is indeed a long list. It might keep me busy for days. And here I was thinking I could get a few recommendations and go pick up a couple things ... couple hours tops ... yeah, no.

You are very kind Melita. Thank you very much.

You're very welcome. I appreciate that note.

My advice: Always get copyable if your budget can take it. As someone else said there are good reasons for it. But also I like to just experiment on the land. Sometimes I don't know what looks good grouped together til I see it in front of me. With no copy, can't do that. Have to guess ahead of time how many you need, or keep going back for more. Rarely I will buy something no copy if I know I just need/want one.

Other advice: take time and enjoy before you decide. Take a week and visit each one, if you can, or have the patience. Of course it's up to you and you may find something you fall in love with sooner. 

What I do is keep looking, buying, and tweaking and replacing things as time and seasons change. Just like a real garden I guess. Most of all have fun :)


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Just have fun and look around. The best tip I can give you, if you are on a private estate and have one or two borders aganist the water, is to sacrifice a bit of land and make the edge against the water more natural, avoid the flat square look. And 1-2 simborder islands, Real Waves already mentioned.

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Hello Om, since you say that quality is most important there is almost no choice,  you must see the work of Dolly and Lilith Heart. It's so different from all the other garden centres as their plant work is all art work. There is almost no other garden centre that does it this way and it shows. If you want the best for a truly immersive role playing experience, I'd say look no further than Lilith Heart.

Oh and Arctic Greenhouse have lovely sculpty house plants, primmy but worth it

So my list is :

Heart Garden Centre - absolutley awesome virtual plants and trees

Arctic Green House - gorgeous sculpty plants and flowers

Kriss Lehman's Botanical - lovely trees

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Green and Wild was mentioned above and is worth checking out.    It's a smaller collection of relatively high priced plants  that are unique.  Many of Marmottina Turog's hand drawn plants are very delicate.  Nothing else I have seen in SL compares to her plants for early Spring.   The shrubs in early leaf are really special. 

Good customer service too, if that matters.  If you leave her a message, she will get back in touch with you.  She sells plants in 10 packs for a slight discount, but I don't think she sells anything copiable.

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This may sound odd, but I hired an SL landscaper to do my property.  I love playing around with SL interior decorating, but haven't a clue how to terraform and landscape my parcel.  Zoezoe Xue, from Araplants and Araworks did my land, and she's awesome.  Her plants are reasonably priced and set to copy.  She will also create custom plants for you, depending on what type of theme you want.  

If you need some advice, give her an IM, and tell her Brianna sent you :)

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