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Are you a SL store owner who hates doing marketplace listings? Are you feeling overwhelmed and need help catching up? Do you just not have the time? Have no fear I am here to help! I have no fear of marketplace and enjoy organizing. I do everything within a week of getting everything and if you have a date as to when you want something posted I can do that as well. So if you need help reach out inworld at BooBoo Lovenkraft and we can negotiate all the details and I can let you know more about what I offer.

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Marketplace now has management option, so I use my information not your information. You just friend me inworld and on marketplace set me as a manager. From there I can do listings. All a store has to do is put them on marketplace from their inventory and give me the information they want to use (ie: prices, any non-normal information, ect..), and pictures and I keep it updated from there.

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