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Then and Now Challenge

Strawberry Linden

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I had to dig deep, like into other peoples flickrs to find older photos of me. I rezzed into SL in 2007. Both of these photos were taken for me. One from The Face of photoLIFE and one by Velvet Flytrap 2009, She was doing fabulous photos clear back then. Velvet took this photo for a contest for Wonder Hair. I have no idea if she or they are still around.





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My rez day was November 2007, so we're almost the same age @Strawberry Singh!

This is a collage I made with all my former versions.  Ouchie has been my one and only in all that time.  She's definitely a part of me!  And I've tried to make her always look similar, just improved with each iteration.

The November 2021 version is actually earlier.  I messed up that date, but I'm too lazy to fix it lol!

Here's to another 15 years!



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