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Tired of being single on sl

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I don't personally bother with SL-only relationships, or friendships for that matter, so I'm very used to sharing real life details over time. But again, that's entirely different from a random guy asking me questions like what my shoe size is, lol. Nobody's ever done that with me. Some might get a bit too personal in other ways and ask other sorts of odd questions right out the gate, but that's easy to deal with. I ignore them. No interest in dating someone like that.

And in the entire time I've been in SL, I can't think of a single time I've ever gotten involved with someone or befriended someone who was not what they said they were. I've had friendships I made in SL and online in general that lasted well over a decade. Even a few exes where it just didn't work out but we're still friends after all this time. I just haven't ever run into a situation where someone carried a whole mess of a lie for 15 years - I'd be more impressed than mad, honestly. That's some dedication to the craft.

Of course, I'm sure it happens in SL somewhere, but I have no personal experience with it so...can't relate.

And honestly, if a guy starts testing my own "female knowledge," he's going to be sorely disappointed and I'm going to lose interest fast. The way to get my attention is to talk nerd ish. Design, fine art, gaming & game development, performing arts, world music, audio/music production, screenwriting... Start a convo on any of those topics in my IM box and I don't give a rat's what gender someone is - we're gonna chat!

Shoe sizes. 


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