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An incredible DJ that you really need to listen to

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I agree, there are a lot of DJs around SL. I have been around here for almost 15 years now, so I have seen a lot, listened to a lot of DJs. So, in such a crowded scenario, how can this one be different?

Trust me, she really is.

Now, think of a highly literate person with a special sensitivity. Sense and sensibility, as in the Austen book, together in one and the same person. In my opinion, both are incredibly desirable traits when it comes to arts in general, and music is a type of arts beyond any doubt. Her range of music is so broad that, in the same session, she can make you travel from America, to Eastern Europe, then to some remote corner of the Punjab, and then to Spain (which is my country, that is why I mention it). After spending most of my life listening to world music in the radio, I can appreciate when the different pieces of music are not just thrown together in no particular order but, rather, carefully organized as to make them blend together in a perfect holistic string. 

Intermixed with the music, you will find occasional talking by a velvety voice that belongs to someone with a deep love for the radio, which clearly shows in her spinning tunes; something that, I have no doubt about it, is carefully prepared in advance. 

On top of that, this particular DJ has a swift mind, and is always willing to take part in the conversation. It may be because I am a man, and we all know how men and multitasking are believed to intermix, but seeing her perform, and interact with the attendees, all done with the utmost care, is simply amazing.

Enter DJ Violet Scrivener (Her profile in the forums)(Her profile in-world)




Of course, you do not have to take my word for it. There is a variety of ways in which you can check for yourself.



SUNDAYS: As of March 2022, she spins every Sunday at noon (SLT) at J&R Ballroom Aruba Deep. This event is hosted by sweet-as-honey María and Julian D'Alembert. Set in a wonderfully detailed Art-Deco ballroom that María takes care of with an amazing level of attention to detail, it is a pleasure to be there, enjoying the music, the company of truly welcoming people, in a magnificent environment. On top of that, María prepares a quiz that starts at half past 12 and that is fun and highly engaging!

TUESDAYS: Violet owns a quaint little café called The Moon Rabbit Café, set in a bucolic environment that has a delicious feeling all over it. She holds a garden party there at 13:00 (SLT) where a group of friends get together, share a conversation, listen to her selected tunes, and enjoy the landscape. Definitely worth a visit. Additionally, you can check this entry in Flora Sperling's blog on the garden parties.



Her events are streamed live here: http://cp3.digistream.info:8146/index.html?sid=1, so if you cannot come Inworld to join (as it is often my case) but still want to listen to a wonderful selection of carefully curated music, you can follow the link on Sundays at noon (SLT) or Tuesdays at 13 (SLT), and you will not be disappointed. It works great for unwinding, putting your feet up, and enjoying two hours of pure musical bliss.



If you want to take a sneak view of what I am talking about, I have compiled a Spotify playlist with the music she has spinned at events over several months. It is a nice way to check what I am talking about. 


I honestly hope you find this interesting, engaging, and that you decide to give it a try. I am convinced that we should always try to look for Beauty, and when you find that (as I think is the case here), sharing it with others is just the right thing to do.

Lerris Blackstaffer

March 21st, 2022

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Hi again:

I wanted to add a picture to my original post, but either that can't be done or I cannot find the way to do so (it is early morning for me, so I am not ruling the second explanation out). So, anyway, I wanted to share the look (and, hopefully, a faint trace of the feeling) of one of Tuesdays Garden Parties in the recently renovated Moon Rabbit Café:


As you can see, there is a certain "English garden" atmosphere to it; the cottage has gone - for now, we were told yesterday - and in its place Violet has carefully pieced together a nice spring-summer garden where you can almost feel the buzzing of bees (I know, I know, bees are ambivalent here; just get the positive implications) and notice some butterflies fluttering all over the place, as it were.

In any case, just as a picture - such as the one above these lines - is worth a thousand words, so is a visit to the place on Tuesdays 1PM-3PM SLT worth more than a thousand pics by me.

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