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Newly Added & Just Reduced Listings from Evolving Rentals!

Evolving Yin

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Just Reduced!

Only $200 Weekly, + 3 day bonus for 4 week rental! 1536 meters; 727 Land Impact (I added and extra 200 land impact for this lot); Tropical lot with Bungalow & Skybox Furnished & Landscaped. Direct access to Protected Linden Ocean Regions & Roads. Includes use of boat, car 7 motorcycle.   Sugarloaf Bungalow & Skybox

1680 Island & Choice of 4 Skyboxes. $200 per week, + 3 day bonus for 4 week rental!  Dock for Boat, beach, park with tree house & swings.  Land Impact for use negotiable depending on the Skybox chosen. Alope Island & Skybox

Only  $200 weekly + 3 bonus days. 1024m Boat Parcel,Yacht & Choice of Skybox; 351 land capacity. Can be rented without yacht for your own boat.  Full use of Colona Yacht Club, jet skis, and speedboats. Adjacent to Linden protected waters: Alope, boat dock, yacht, & Skybox


800m Protected Roadside Snow Lot. Fully furnished & landscaped snow cabin with driveway. 1962 TR3A car & motorcycle rezzers available on request. $245 weekly & 3 bonus days for 4 week rental. Furnished Roadside Snow Cabin Svan

1152 Protected Roadside Lot & Ocean Sunrise Views. Includes carport & 1962 TR3A car & motorcycle rezzers. $250 weekly & 3 bonus days for 4 week rental. 1152 Sugarloaf Protected Roadside Lot

1536 Roadside Lot Ocean View Didugua Rental. 527 Land Capacity. Next to Route 1. Part of Colona Yacht Club Rental group. Includes use of Colona Yacht club with bar, pool table, poker table, dart board, etc. Rezzable boats & water skis. $550 weekly & 3 bonus days for 4 week rental. Didugua 1536 Protected Roadside Lot

1456m Furnished modern home, garage & driveway on Route 5 Linden protected road. 499 land capacity. Includes use of TR3A 1962 Group Car Rezzer & motor bike rezzers. Vacant lot available next door to rent if you would like to add more land to this rental. $275 weekly 1456m Modern Home & Garage

2688 Lot Beautifully Landscaped Woodsy Parcel with Small Furnished Castle & Well.  922 land capacity, but parcel is already furnished & landscaped with 547 land capacity still available. $350 weekly. Quality Horse rezzer on site:  Horse trails coming!  Woodsy Castle

1584 Lot with Snow Castle.  Great view & landscaping.  Quality Horse rezzer on site with region wide horse trails. Currently unfurnished, but if you would like a furnished one contact Evolving Yin. 543 Land Capacity $300 per week  Snow Castle

1216m 417 Total land capacity - Including house and decor 170 Land Impact Available for Personal Use (Unfurnished except for kitchen) Sailable Water - Ocean Front Direct access to open ocean in sailing community. Use of Colona Yacht Club $450L per week plus Bonus week for leasing 4 weeks at a time Deep Water Sailing Home with Ocean View


For Complete Listings Visit Evolving Rentals Office Evolving Rentals

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 859 days.

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