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Passion Competition coming soon

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In 2007, I started a thing called the Passion Competition.  That year it was basically for fun with virtual credits through the Lionhead forums as prizes.  Over the past few years it has grown and has now become a very serious yet fun competition.  Basically what it is is a film making competition.  The first 2 years the theme was to make a film based on the dictionary definition of passion.  Last year I made the theme based on the 7 Deadly Sins.  This year will have a different theme based on passion.  There are set guidelines and rules for entry that are posted each year.  All platforms (iClone, The Sims, The Movies, Moviestorm, Poser/Daz, Second Life, Muvizu and more) are allowed.  Also allowed is live action films.

The prizes have grown over the years also.  The second year, I put up my own money and offered online gift certificates.  Last year, Sony Software donated Sony Vegas software, Reallusion donated iClone and CrazyTalk software and Moviestorm offered up thier software as prizes.  I also added a gift certificate and some other software as prizes.  This year, Sony Software, Reallusion and Moviestorm have all come onboard again as official sponsors and offered quite a bit of software for prizes (all totaled over $3000 worth).

The official theme will be announced in late August with the actual competition taking place between September 4th and November 12th of 2011.  I will make more announcements as the competition draws closer.  The official entry point for the competion will be on the TMOA forums located here: http://www.tmoaradio.com/vb/index.php.  Registration is free and easy.  I use that forum simply to have 1 location for all entries and to make it easier for the judges to know who has entered.

I have also made a Facebook Groups page for those who have Facebook access with information about all the previous competitions including winners and prizes:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_211515672195252&ap=1  Check it out.

I am hoping to see some entries utilizing Second Life this year.  Feel free to ask questions if you want more information.

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For those who are unaware, TMOA Radio is one of the sponsors of the Passion Competition. I use the Sunday Show to announce the official start of the competition, the final results and use audio ads to help promote the competition. The teaser ads for this years competition will start airing Saturday July 31 and the full competition ad will start airing the 27th of August.

You can find all the links for TMOA Radio here. On the right side of the page are links for the players, chatroom and other links. On the left side you will find links to download previous shows and more.

The current show schedule is:

Industry 101 (1pm-2pm EST; 6pm-7pm UK)
(Currently 2pm-3pm EST; 7pm-8pm UK time (1 hour later than listed))
The Sunday Show (2pm-7pm EST; 7pm-12am UK)
(Currently 3pm-8pm EST; 8pm-11pm UK time (1 hour later than listed; runs one hour less on average))

The Wolf & Dulci Hour - iClone radio (10pm-11pm EST; 3am-4am UK)

The Spotlight With Kinte (9pm-10:30pm EST; 2am-3:30am UK)

The Tom & Ethan Movie Corner (1pm-2pm EST; 6pm-7pm UK)
The Weekly Look With Chris & Wytchy (2pm-3pm EST; 7pm-8pm UK)
The Storm Hour With Shirley Martin & Jakechief(3pm-4pm EST; 8pm-9pm UK)
The DCMF Modding Hour With Stevndysn & Mike D Boing (4pm-5pm EST; 9pm-10pm UK)

Listen in for the audio ads, general information, great guests and more. Second Lifers are more than welcome for all the shows.

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2 teaser audio ads started playing last week on TMOA radio (see link above for how to listen). The full audio ad will start airing on the 27th of August. The full rules, guidelines and theme will be posted on the 27th of August also.

Hope to see many of you getting involved.

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