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9 hours ago, Ian Mercury said:

I never sailed the Dolphin moth. Looks awesome :)

It very much is! It can be a little twitchy, but you get to going so fast, the twitch is the last thing you think about... 😁

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Posted (edited)

The last one for now.

A classic Trudeau T12 fully retextured by me. I bought mine more than 10 years ago 
Still for sale at the Trudeau yard
I am  one of the very few sailors who still sail it


trudeau T12.jpg

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Older picture (January 2020), passing Salt Spray, Bellisseria continent. Have my Linden Home there vis-a-vis a marina.

Love to sail the oceans and long tour sailings in Second Life. Explore and navigate interesting places, often not using the map or navigation, but just enjoy the many surprising experiences hereby.


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