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How to solve clothes drawn on the body (textures?) and alpha masks for invisible parts’ bodies, not seen by me and other avatars?

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Here the entire description of my problems, tests with friends and pictures to show it. 

My problem is that me and 3 other reliable friends see me nude or with ripped clothes. :(( 
1. clothes drawn on the shape with 1 size (layer-based" textured ?) can’t be seen: suits, shorts, some 1 size pants, panties, bras
2. Alpha masks for invisible parts’ bodies don’t work anymore: so “mesh” clothes look ripped.  (see pic attachment) 
3. When I have high heels shoes/boots, ”shoe bases” aren’t applied: so my heels go through the shoes. Or my ankles look twisted

Just to help you better figure it out, SL friends collected all the observations and wrote it for me.
(Sorry if I don’t use the correct SL vocabulary)
- My avatar is a very classic SL Standard body . Not a “mesh avatar”. No script on my avatar.
**Note: I created another profile test on the same PC,  just to see what others can see or not. And 3 SL friends confirmed too. 
(This new test avatar on new profile, at the same places, has no problems: so not a problem of Mac/PC)

- Same problem on SL viewer & Firestorm  viewer; So my SL viewer has no problem.

 "Choose an avatar ; Fantasy : "Rhiannon" with bow and horse : alpha for dresses invisible 
I can see it only if I reshape  or change my avatar. But others can't see anyway . And if I log in again, I can’t see it either. 

- When clothes are sold with different sizes (Classic/Mesh  or brands?) , me and others can see them
Hats, belts, jewelry, shoes... are always seen by others too.

- Menu > "Basic avatar " :  choosing a new  avatar ; Fantasy : "eg: Rhiannon" (with bow and horse) with NO HUBS:  when removing the long dress , alpha for dresses invisible too: So NOT a  HUB problems: clothes attached to hubs (Instead of the middle body)
- BOM aren't enabled because  "Basic avatar" 

- Test with 2 different body mesh demo from different sellers: same problems (then I removed it)
Menu Firestorm “Me”:
-  "avatar heath" > Basic girl test : can't see the top suit. Just the dress
 - "avatar heath" : tested all options  and recreated LSL bridge: Same problem
-  Take off Hubs : removed all hubs and restarted: same pb
 "Choose an avatar ; Fantasy : "Rhiannon" with bow and horse : same problem: same
- Right click → Appearance → Tex refresh.: same

- "Rebake Textures" (Ctrl-Alt-R) or highlights blended alpha CTRL+ALT+T : same 
- Using only 1 alpha mask to test.. RLVA pref disabled: same

 -  basic skin color changed by another basic one: same 
- Applied a different skin: same 

- Changing the group name to be attached to a new server: same 

 -  "Edit My Outfit" > Only ONE  folder labeled "Current Outfit" or Worm” : so no conflicts (see pic attachment) 

- on Firestorm Menu Help > Enable viewer UI Hints: I can see the alpha + textured clothes, but NOT the others!!!

-  On the same PC, the new TEST AVATAR from a NEW profile, at the same places, has NO problem of textures & alpha masks,: So not a problem of computer, graphic card, or SL viewer configuration
Configuration of this computer: Second Life Release (64bit), CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4712HQ CPU @ 2.30GHz (2294.57 MHz) - Memory: 16342 MB, OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 19042.1387), Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation - Quadro K1100M/PCIe/GDDR5 , Windows Graphics Driver Version: R418 U9 NVIDIA 426.78, Window size: 1920x1080, Font Size Adjustment: 96pt - UI Scaling: 1 - Draw distance: 128m, LOD factor: 1.125 - Render quality: 3 - Advanced Lighting Model: Enabled, Texture memory: 512MB - Disk cache: Max size 204.0 MB (80.3% used), J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.10.4 Audio Driver Version: FMOD Studio 2.01.07 Dullahan: CEF:, 91.1.21+g9dd45fe+chromium-91.0.4472.114,  Chromium: 91.0.4472.114 LibVLC Version: 3.0.16 Voice Server Version: Vivox 4.10.0000.32327, Bandwidth: 10000kbit/s - Packets Lost: 4/1,092 (0.7%) - January 13 2022 05:49:23
But remember that 4 other players confirmed to me that I had the clothing problem, 3 of which I can absolute trust. Moreover, some have told me without asking the question to them. One confirms to me that he has a computer to play, very powerful from 2021 and he sees the problem.

Other Hypothesis:
When using a NON-STANDARD VIEWER, importation of objects could be NOT complete!!!
I use “speedlight” app on my phone because SL vewer app doesn’t exist in 2022. Could it be the problem? 
Some users wrote Second life SUPPORT helped them to their problem.
Could SL Support service could help me too please? 
Is there a setting to block  alpha rendering that I could unblock?  
If any members have suggestions for tests, my friends and me would appreciate to try it on SL viewer or Firestorm 
I'm completely lost and very sad after many years playing and collecting my clothes. 
Thank you for your help 

Thank you so much to SL friends who have helped me to write this post, too technical for me,
and support me, despite my deception. 

SL apha mask + textured clothes no applied.png

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Baking the alpha layer   (Adding the alpha layer and having it show up and make things invisible).

That has just been intermittently screwed up lately. 

So far only consistent fix that I have found it to add it.   Logout.  Cross fingers.  Relog to a different region.

Reloging into a different region, instead of the region that you were in, is basically giving the server an extra solid smack that says 'Rebuild/Repaint me'  



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Make things Invisible =  The Alpha Layer actually working, and making part of the 'Picture Painted on the System Body'  (in this case the avatar's skin) be clear/transparent/invisible.

I get the same issue with Mesh Bodies and Alpha Layers.   The 'Make This Part be Invisible' just never happens.  

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Speedlight was never intended to be a replacement for using an actual viewer.   It has always had limited function and used mostly as a chat app for SL.  Perhaps reading the reviews would clear up what it can and can not do.  I tried it once and had the same issues.  If it were the same as a viewer, LL wouldn't be working on a mobile app nor would people still need to use Lumiya which hasn't been updated in years nor available as a current app.

SpeedLight Viewer - Apps on Google Play

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