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Best Names You've Seen in SL - the Friday Bump Thread

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Moundsa Mayo is an interesting one. It took me awhile to get that one. I just couldn't imagine mounds of mayonaise.

Second Genesis is pretty cool too. The meaning is pretty obvious.

Void Singer I guess is someone that sings into a void.

Rolig Loon is a complete mystery. 

The best and most famous of all is of course Imnotgoing Sideways.




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When I signed up I tried so many sites to try to get the name onE Zero. As I would go from site to site one by one it would tell me name no longer available. So I guess someone has that name I have yet to see them but that would be my favorite :D its all just ones and zeros right??? :D

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Phillips Replacement... I grin every time I see one of the megaprims created by that account

Doctor Obelensky is one, and just so fitting for the old slightly evil and definitely mad scientist character it's typist portrays

Day Oh just for the musical reference

Ima Mechanique just for being so apt for an online tech person


I'm a bigger fan of action names than I am of just descriptive ones, but also ones that have a good cadence...

non-standard words used as names > names that sound mundane

names that don't break if ignore the last name > names that do

names that are a sigle or compound word > names that are run on sentence fragments

names that could vaguely be titles or job descriptions > ones that are presumptuous of titles

names that have easy short forms (or are already short) > names that don't shorten well

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Canoro Philipp wrote:

yours is very cool too

Thanks. When I first joined in 2006, my name was Nuclear Foton. That was when you had a set list of rotating last names to choose from and you had to come up with a first name. I left SL for a bit and cancelled that account (silly me), but always like the name.

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Yes, Nuclear Foton is good. Too bad you lost it. That reminds me of Time Engineer and Fusion Engineer. I think they're both pretty good, but I like Time Engineer a little better. I imagine that as a person who builds time machines and can manipulate the time-space continuum.

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How about:


  1. Evil Resident - for a vampire;
  2. Sleazy Resident - for a politician;
  3. Goofy Resident - for a Disney fan who likes Goofy; 
  4. Dancing Resident - for a pole dancer;
  5. Cheezy Resident - for a resident that likes cheese;
  6. Porcine Resident - for a resident that looks like a pig; 
  7. Chipper Resident  - for a happy resident; 
  8. EndowedResident - for the plus sized resident; 
  9. Rockhard Resident - for the rockers (I know what ur thinking - don't go there);
  10. Bored Resident - we've all been there; 
  11. Addicted Resident  - could be me; 
  12. Erect Resident - for residents that like erector sets
  13. Lego Resident - for a resident that like legos and/or has trouble letting go; 
  14. Banned Resident - for the habitual griefer; and
  15. Jailbait Resident - for a younger resident

Just saw Solar Starship logged in here to the forums. Pretty cool name.

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I'm sure I've quoted these two names before, but they stick in my mind from some time ago. 

Ugliestbloke Electricteeth

Vomitdoll Lockjaw

I wonder if either of them  stayed in SL or whether they were just alts created for their funny names.

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In a similar thread 2 or 3 years ago, 3ring Binder was a favorite. I'm surprised that nobody has posted it here - until now.

I'm still quite pleased with my 3toed Frog avatar.

Twice Nitely was good. I've never seen it but someone got it because I tried to get it myself and it had gone. I had to settle for 4times Nitely.

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  • 3 months later...

DontPushTheRed Button

Argyll Socke

Pickle Soup

iDONTgiveA Shippe

Oragel Delicioso

Link Pinden

lofthesedazimgonnacutuin2ltlpc Rust


Device Unplugged

Selfish Littlebird

NotJustAnother Afterthought

IamA Freeloader

BoomBoom Nitely

010000100111001001100001011011 Omlet

Fukque Sideways

CanYouHearMe Snoring

apricot  Struessal

HamNCheese Omelette

Almost Dejavu

Wasted Engineer  (OK, so sometimes I miss his rants.  shoot me)

001000000101110 Numbanumba

Something Broek

Absolute Balderdash

Phuk Yew

OnThePath2Madness Shostakovich

CashRefund Clarity

IAmNotAn Actor

Ridiculously Ordinary

YouSankMyBattIe Shippe

imur huckleberry

Immunoelectrophoretically Triskaidekaphobia

Dingleberrys Wonder

PleaseShootThe Messenger

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3757 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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