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Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy 2nd Anniversary Celebration at the Belli Fairgrounds – BBB2B

Lord Junibalya

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Join Bellisseria's bureaucrats and diplomats in celebrating BBB2B at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds from January 23rd to 31st. Here is the full programme for the event:


We will kick off with a Boat rally from Springhurst Gulf to the Fairgrounds during which you can collect rare stamps for your Bellisseria Passport from special buoys placed by our wonderful Moles along the route. 


At the event itself you can pick up the 300th passport stamp issued by the BBB, as well as 18 personal stamps signed by bureaucrats and diplomats at the event. Just click on our tablet computers while wearing your passport HUD for a personal passport control!

We hope to see you there – please tell your friends!

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This is great!  Ambassadors ... diplomats ... passports... parties.  Such fun activities!  If I were able to be in SL at that hour of the day, the boat rally sounds like great fun.

I have a suggestion for your passport terminals.   I felt a jar when I saw one right at the entrance to Eyrie, as if that lovely community center was somehow "claimed" as a BBB site, and I left, briefly wondering if features at the site would be unlocked if only I had a "passport".  Of course, I'm sure that's not the case.

Similarly, my alt was hiking through logland and found this lovely spot in the aptly named "Naval Gazing" region.  My sense of discovery of this lovely natural spot was definitely dimmed when I saw the modernistic BBB terminal!  I can make a version of your terminal script that can be put into any object, and will respond whenever a passport collector touches their own Passport HUD while they are in the region or within a certain distance of the object containing the terminal script.  Perhaps you already have a version of the terminal that works this way?  Then you would not need to put white terminals all over SL (though of course they could be used where appropriate), you could put the terminal script in a mole-made rock or plant.  Just a thought.


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There will be 2 guided tours during this weekend: Saturday at Noon (12pm SLT) and Sunday at 10am SLT. We will travel in parts of Bellisseria, by mini-copters, bus, train & more. Subject to alteration, depending on the actual number of participants.

If you don't have your own vehicles, do not worry! We will make sure to organize a seat for you, and we are also prepared with easy-to-handle vehicles that you can use. 

Traveling in SL always comes with a few challenges, but that is part of the adventure! Most of all, we want to give you the opportunity to explore within a group, to socialize (and isn't an adventure that you survive the best way to bond?), and maybe to make some new friends! 

For those who have a BBB passport, you can collect in each tour 2 of the newest stamps; so 4 new stamps overall.

Important: Please detach any unnecessary attachments and scripts to avoid region crossing issues.

Meeting Point at Bellisseria Fairgrounds: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellisseria Fairgrounds/163/240/24



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It is not really over yet... there are no scheduled activities, but most of the staff is hanging around the fairgrounds as much as possible today to let people collect the Limited Edition Staff Stamps they missed, to answer questions, etc.

Feel free to swing by the fairgrounds for such up until about 4 PM SLT today.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 147 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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