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Multiple Parcels for Rent.

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See the benifits of renting with MX Real Estate!

Every single time you make a 4 week payment, 1 week is automatically added every time. That's right, 5 weeks for the price of 4. 

Office Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Death by Misadventure/102/238/1001

Landbook: https://easytech-sl.com/landbook/00961616-3a22-4c46-8cae-3bc832224421

Discord: https://discord.gg/Y5vEPvvM8R

Currently Available Parcels:

AIRDREE  - Breedable/Residential/Commercial - No Clubs

1/32 Sim - 2,048 SQM - 1,030 Prims  = $700 a week

BAILEIGH - Commercial/Residential - No Clubs or Breedables

1/8 Sim - 8,176 SQM - 3,742 Prims  = $2,800 a week 

1/4 Sim - 16,368 SQM - 7,492 Prims  = $5,600 a week

1/16 Sim - 4,096 SQM -1,875 prims  = $1400 a week (2 available)

If you would like something that isn't available, please reach out to Xuxa Carnell, MellyGoth Azalee, or LustLaCroix Resident in world and we will get what you are looking for!

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