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Error: DAE parsing error. (not simple)

Joliard Telling

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So this one's been driving me nuts. Here's exactly what I'm doing and have tried:

using Blender 2.81a on PC

Uploading a rigged dress made in marvelous designer

  • Selecting the dress I made+rigged+weighted with the armature visible (but not selected) and Exporting to .DAE
  • In the export window, I choose the SL+Opensim rigged preset  [screenshot]
  • In the Extras tab, I check Keep Bind info   [screenshot]
  • I export and get the message " exported 2 objects"  [screenshot]

I've looked through the forums and these settings seemed to fix everybody's error, but not me 😢

These might be useful:

  • Is this an error I would get if maybe the poly-count was too high?
  • The SL export preset triangulates the polys but I export out of MD with clean quad topo. Is this maybe it?
  • I've weight painted the dress manually and not using Avastar. 

Any leads are appreciated x


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Turn on the "detailed logging" option in your import panel's "Log" tab. That will give you more information about what's going wrong. (Firestorm and the official viewer both have this; I'm not sure about others.)

It could be a number of things:

  • mesh too dense
  • extremely thin triangles
  • reversed normals
  • stray vertices/edges
  • overlapping duplicate vertices
  • illegal object name characters

Working with quads won't cause it inherently (though a thin rectangle will make thin triangles).


I've weight painted the dress manually and not using Avastar.

This is a separate problem. If you don't start by transferring weights from a reference mesh body, your clothing will bend slightly differently during animations and respond differently to body shape sliders. Wearers will almost certainly have to alpha out big chunks of their bodies (which may or may not be an issue -- I don't know what you're making this for).

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a clothing mesh that comes straight from MD, needs retopology first. that is not meant to be uploaded as is at all. it will be way to dense in topology, depening on areas it can even have ngons that will also give a dae parsing issue. retopo the mesh first to have a suitable and clean low poly version, then apply your materials and rig it. then you can upload

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