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Centural Creations ~ Land Rentals

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Centural Creations will Rent and help Manage your parcel. This includes the creation of open sourced scripts, terrain editing, custom mesh, and more!

Our pricing model is designed to help further develop open source creations so some prices may not reflect/maintain a cheaper price than paying for the Recuring Membership/Premium account from Linden Labs. By renting a parcel from us you are helping fund the design of free/open source projects within Second Life. Land Impact is negotiatable to an extent of have 100% LI, current listings reserve 10 by default. Currently all parcels have placeholder builds subject to many changes, however we may clear the land for anything you may wish to place upon the rented parcel.

Current Rental Price Per Land Impact: $L1

Startup Fee:** $L100 (Pays for a single group for your specific project(s)/parcel needs) (Currently used as no refundable deposit, may use for separate group in future.)

Payment Options: Daily (upon approval), Weekly, and Monthly.

Centural Roadside Creations ~ Route 10  Road Access ~ M

Details: 256sqm, 77 Land Impact, upgradeable*, Near Border of Parcel
Price: $L77 per Week 


Centural Creations (Internet Relay) ~ Route 10 Road Access ~ G !Currently Not Rent-able!
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Otaki Gorge/254/230/73

Details: 512sqm, 165 Land Impact, upgradeable*, Near Border of Parcel, Internet Relay***
Price:  $L165 per Week


Centural Cross Sim Cottage One ~ Route 10 Road Access ~ M

Details: 144sqm, 39 Land Impact, Internet Relay***
Price:  $L39 per Week


Centural Cross Sim Cottage Two ~ Route 10 Road Access ~ M

Details: 144sqm, 39 Land Impact, Near Border of Parcel, Internet Relay***
Price:  $L39 per Week


Centural Creations Water Front ~ Water Access ~ M

Details: 480sqm, 154 Land Impact, Near Water Access/Sailing Currently Possible, Neighboring Water Access Required****
Price:  $L144 per Week


Centural Beach View Rental ~ Water View ~ M

Details: 768sqm, 253 Land Impact, Water within view (May require blacklisting some neighboring objects)
Price:  $L153 per Week



- Sky box is allowed at all currently listed parcels but must be above 2000SQM

- Events may be hosted but MUST match the rating specified for the rental.

- All purchases are subject to change in price over time with a two week grace period before the changes are made.


Rental may take anywhere between 24-72 hours to setup.

*Possible land increase as long as Linden Governs the desired land.

** Fee Can be circumvented if you are able to provide your own.

*** Internet Relay system is a WIP (Work  in progress) and is subject to change/grow depentant on tenants and surrounding/neighboring sim parcel owners. Prim Count may be 1-10 less than traditionally on these types of parcels.

**** Must provide water access to neighboring sims, this means you are possible losing some terrain permisions for a given part of the land as it must have water. Discount of $L10 per week.

Thank you for your consideration of this ongoing project. Currently we are underconstruction so be prepared for many changes over the upcoming months!


Please refrain from directly posting on this thread for now and direct all inquries to NardweBones via in game Instant Message or Notecard.

You may also visit us at our Business Location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oddjob/104/90/62

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 120 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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