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Hiring Manager! 2k a week

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Hiring manager for a new group I'm starting. Starting a Womens group. It's called "The Girlss" we are a women empowerment group. We are offering exposure, opportunities for the ladies.

Hiring manager to help run, organize, create, plan for events, photoshoots, and much much more. You will need to basically help get the group started. You will need to be very active, and you will also have a chance to make more than 2k. 

If you are interested and will like more information, please contact me inworld, by sending a notecard, and IM because IMs get CAPPED. Hiring ASAP!!! Contact info : Evelyn (beyonce.linette) ♥


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14 hours ago, NaishaBolt said:

hi,,im tatiana and my sl username is babycute27 and i would like to be ylour manager,,i have little experience in SL AND i would like to take this job,, if you are willing to hire me please IM me 


Naisha, did you read how the op wants to be contacted?

I see this so often, and am always amazed how people expect to be hired when they can't even follow the basic directions.

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