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Feorie Frimon

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Total SqFt: 8,192 sqm
Region Rating: Moderate
Continent: Heterocera
Region Name: Lota
Sale Price: $25,000 L
Total Prims Used: 1305
Total Prims Open: 1507

General Information

The Cliffs at Lota is an Aviator themed mainland neighborhood designed with helicopter pilots in mind. The community is situated roadside on a large mainland mountain overlooking Route 6 and a massive mainland valley leading out to the ocean. Views from both side of the mountain are available and each home is surrounded with detailed landscaping designed to not only provide privacy, but amazing scenery as well. The community comes with FIVE units built into the neighborhood. Each unit not only has stunning overlook views and excellent privacy, but each unit also comes with it's own private helipad for their rental.  

Two public helipads are available on one side of the neighborhood - the intention is to build in the 'right kind of traffic' should you decide to use these homes as rentals for your own business. These  public helipads are where the information board is at the landing zone as well as the entrance to a skybox style cave with secret baths inside. 

This neighborhood comes as is and the LOGO prim you see located at the 'For Sale' sign includes a copy of all the graphics and images created for this 'Business' as well as a link to download an promo video of this property. You can see the video here. You will gain ownership of this box and all the contents inside. The other prims for this build are NOT transferable, however,  I am happy to set them all to whatever group you like. Once you've purchased the parcel, you'll need to reactivate the experiences to make the 'cave' teleporter work again. The details are at the property. 

If you plan to use this neighborhood as prebuilt rental units, I recommend using Casperlet Vendors. You should be able to comfortably allow each tenant 250 to 300 prims for a weekly rental without having a problem with going over your limit without a single change to the neighborhood.

For additional information, please reach out to Feorie Frimon. 




PIC - The Cliffs at LOTA6.png

PIC - The Cliffs at LOTA4.png

PIC - The Cliffs at LOTA3.png

PIC - The Cliffs at LOTA2.png

PIC - The Cliffs at LOTA1.png

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 910 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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