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Mesh Problem (beginner!)

Angel Dakota

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Hi, im trying to make mesh clothing and every time I think I get there, I discover more I need to do!  At the moment ive uploaded a model but even though in Blender there is no clipping, in SL there is lots of clipping, even when standing still!  In fact theres more clipping when standing than when moving.  I should note that when I say standing, I mean with AO turned on.

This is my current workflow:

  1. Design in MD
  2. Line up the UV in MD
  3. Export model as Obj
  4. Export the Flat as Obj (as per this tutorial Marvelous Designer to #Blender 2.8 retopology workflow tutorial - YouTube)
  5. Retopo the flat version (I used QuadRemesh plugin)
  6. Assign shape key to the High Poly flat and surface deforn the retopo version.  I now have a similar low poly mesh in the same place as the original non-flat high poly.
  7. Rig the retopod mesh to the body and merge verts wherever gaps are present.
  8. Weight paint the mesh once rigged and make sure regular pose positions have no clipping
  9. Solidity modifier in Blender.
  10. Export the model using avastar DAE

I wont even get into UV maps as these are driving me crazy, but the model itself is still clipping in SL.  

Can anyone help?  I would love to see a full workflow from MD to SL!

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