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Full Homestead Region for Rent: Reduced! Just L$6600 per week!


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Full homestead region for rent.  5000 prims 25 avatars reduced to just L$6600 per week.  One week grace period on rent. The L$6600 purchase price is a deposit, to be refunded to you if the rent is up to date when you vacate.

  • Estate Manager
  • No covenant.  Since you will be renting the whole region you can do whatever you like, subject only to the SecondLife Terms of Service.
  • Set region maturity to General, Moderate or Adult as you choose.
  • One week grace period on rent.  Most SL landlords will kick you off and return your objects if more than 48 hours late with the rent.
  • Terraform the way you want.  If you have a .RAW terrain file that you like, we will apply it to the region for you at no additional charge.
  • You may sub-divide and sub lease part or all of the region if you like.

Contact Tom Wyoming (zerotsm Resident) via notecard if interested in this rental, or just TP to The Forgotten Isle and follow the instructions on the "For Rent" sign to make it yours!

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