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Shhh....Don`t tell Irene!! hehe :D

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WTG Irene on 10,000 posts!!! 

Thanks for sharing & for all the laughs & may the next 10K be as helpful, informative & entertaining as the last 10K.

You deserve a surprise party to let you know how much you are appreciated around here *hugggs*


PS @ Lexie, I think Irene`s little bowling pin should have a shiney tiara on it when you make her that new rank LOLOLLMAO.gif

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WOW!!!! 10 000 posts! Unbelievable!

Congrats, Irene! WTG!

I don't have any fancy pictures of champagne, partyhats or balloons, so you are going to have to imagine them. Lots of them! :D

I'll raise a glass and say: "Here's to the next 10 000!"

- Luc -

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Irene Muni wrote:

hehehe Thanks Peewee

My 10000 post was rebump the thread against ranks in the Spanish forum

BTW, vote/watch against ranks!!:

LOL Irene, I love that you put that JIRA on here,  its things like that where you make me laugh so much!! Classic!!  LMAO.gif

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\o/ congrats irene! \o/

thank you for all the knowledge you share with us <3

i have learned so much from all your posts, but to be honest i enjoy your bad posts the most! :matte-motes-evil-invert: :D :D


(does a little dance)

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Well done, Irene, on having the staying power! It's not just the post counts that make you stand out, it's the post content too. As bee said, you're very helpful, but your "bad" (mischief/humour) posts are great too. Always worth a read you are, and 100% good advice.

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Congratulations Irene, your contributions all over the forums, your knowledge and your generousity has been of tremendous value, you have been a very valuable asset to the spanish community, being in translating programs, translating the Linden posts, and helping others.

wishing you the very best, and heres for another 10,000!!

Thank You Irene Muni!

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  • Thanks Peewee, again :)
  • Thanks Luc for your help in the forums.
  • Thanks Hippie to you and your creative and community threads.
  • Thanks Valerie, France and Spain are neighbors (ve can teleport over the mountains :) ).
  • Thanks LoveAngel, great job helping Spanish Residents (your Spanish is as tremendous as my English :) ).
  • Thanks Storm, always is interesting read you :)
  • Thanks wrable, no, you aren't a slacker: quality, not quantity :)
  • Thanks Randall, impossible to forget your good advices on many topics :)
  • Thanks Jacki, please, give me those RL dogs! (no problem with my RL cat :) ).
  • Thanks Venus, if LL should give me a sim free of tier for all your help over the years, LL should give you two sims :)
  • Thanks Jaylin, you teach every day that support is always free :)
  • Thanks Lyra, I have bookmarked many post from you :)
  • Thanks bee, you say that you enjoy my 'bad posts' the most, me too! (but my RL grandmother disagree: "Irene, don't be sarcastic!" :) )
  • Thanks Marigold (idem about my 'bad posts' LOL), old good times when you as "Sherlock Holmes" did the best research about ghosted avatars :)
  • Thanks Knowl, veteran and 'helpful helper' :)
  • Thanks Dillon, I agree with you that the smiles are as important as help :)
  • Thanks Canoro ("melodious" in Spanish), always is a good day when I see your help in other languages :)
  • Thanks Melita, always happy posts, allways inteligent posts :)
  • Thanks Sandra, about your question "Does anyone NOT love Irene Muni?" the answer is yes: mi RL mother (sometimes: "Irene, leave the computer and study!") and my neighbor's dog (as crazy as him). Can you give me points, please? :)
  • Thanks Mags, about your post: and vice versa :)
  • Thanks Kolby, the inspiration is mutual always :)
  • Thanks Charolotte, always careful in SL Answers.

But, but, BUT... OMG, I have writed all this in ONLY ONE POST, I'm silly!!! :D

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3627 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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