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Ashton Colter

Ballgowns with hoop skirts

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One thing I wish designers would do is make large ballgowns that would go over hoop skirts actually move like they're over hoop skirts.

Most large ballgowns use flexiprims as usual, but move as if the person is walking through water.  When they move the gown flows back, and when they stop it can take seconds for the gown to return to shape. 

Some designers do it better though (especially with sculpties too), generally with a fair bit of tension + gravity which should dominate any drag.


That said, I'm excited to see what will be coming with mesh.  Not only could we have big ballgowns that act real, but we could have corsets that actually modify (or fake it) the body.  Though we have some great underbust corsets inworld, we haven't seen good overbust corsets.


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