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Best sims that have build enabled?


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I don't mean sandboxes. I mean sims that will allow you to rez horses, boats, bikes, games to play with friends, that sort of thing. Joining a group to get rez rights is fine with me as long as there isn't a fee. There are a lot of really ugly places on SL where you can rez, but I'm looking for that combination of a beautiful setting plus the freedom to use the area as more than just a chat room.

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A region which I discovered soon after arriving in SL (seems it was created as a land within a few months of my rezz date) is Fire Beach, an island occupying the whole of the private region Fire.

The best place to start is the landing point for The Lava Pit, a fire-themed pub (the owner is clear to define that it is a pub, not a club!) beneath the volcano which forms the centre of the island. 


The pub is well worth exploring, and look for the stairs to the lower level as well.

From the pub landing point, you can then move out to the whole island, which has all kinds of areas worth exploring.

The thing is that the whole island is rezz-free, whether or not you choose to join the island's group Fire Beach Hangout secondlife:///app/group/4d445e6b-07b6-5f92-bdb6-fa356b0b88dc/about However an additional advantage of joining the group is that you can set Home Position there.

For many years, until I got my own place, I used Fire Beach as a home and an unofficial sandbox, setting my home position at a little isolated cove on the east side of the island at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fire/247/124/26 where you will meet a couple of the island's (rather fragile, click with care!) citizens.  Many was the time I carefully took there one of my treasured boxes of almost-noob clothing to try on happily, in the days when all boxes of clothing needed to be rezzed.

And unlike so many beautiful regions in SL, you will sometimes meet real people there!  The group has over 700 members.

Look for the dance locations at several points, the shopping district, the wedding venue and so much more!  This is a fine build from over 10 years ago which stands the test of time!

Fire Beach 01.png

Fire Beach 02.png

Fire Beach 03.png

Fire Beach 04.png

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 156 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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