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Hello everyone. I have created several vlogs on Flickr, on how to create tattoos with your art designs, for any uv map.

I do feature the lelutka uv map in the most recent video but you can use any uv map for the head and / or body you create for.

The videos are in order from last to first.

I did a lot of troubleshooting for myself until I learned what works and I show my findings in each video.

Important information you need to know, to create sharp designs that look great, once uploaded into SL.

I've also included information on a free software you can use, to turn your art into amazing masterpieces.

It is recommended to send a ticket to support to ask for access to the beta grid to do unlimited free testing of your design textures.

I hope these videos can help you and if you have any questions, please make a comment here or on the videos on Flickr, and I'll respond to you. :)




Tattoo Making - Reduce Tips & Adobe Fresco









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Fumbling as usual LOL
I have also done freehand drawing on the golden heart under the eye and the hand stick-on earring.
What I had meant, is freehand, when concerning the eyebrows or anything related to cosmetics, like eyeshadow.
I've always used a pen tool for that.

I wanted to share this with all of you here on the forum as well. :)

I upload wip's of my tattoos, on Flickr. I categorize everything into albums, if you'd like to search my Flickr in that way.

P.S. The floral pattern on the face, is a seamless pattern I created from my floral art design. Not a SL seamless texture but a seamless pattern, to be used for pod(print on demand) websites, on their merchandise. I didn't set it to the lelutka uv map. Just a test run to see what it would look like. I have 2 wip vlogs of my pattern tattoo testing in my Flickr.

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explaining about the tattoos mentioned in the Flickr description box message and about the texture on skin
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I tried something different with the ppi and the results are amazing! Try this yourself and see the difference it makes in your tattoo designs.

What I didn't say in the video but was thinking it, is that I prefer using this resolution size than the largest size. 

I've spoken about using the largest size for using vector and pixel brushes, inside Adobe Fresco, in my previous how to tattoo vlogs. 

The smaller size loads up easily and doesn't make my adobe apps crash on me. This will be good for you to do, if you don't have a gaming pc.


P.S. This is the lelutka evo x gaia head. My followers on Flickr know this. Just in case if you were curious. :)

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added in the video title to the top of this post and added in head info
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painted neck idea v2

painted neck idea v2


I learned that by trying the neck paint on the lelutka uv map instead of the sl uv map, there is no white halo left behind.
Although this time I am painting, instead of filling the area with color with the paint bucket tool.

I recommend not using the add color but paint in the strokes, to both the head and upper uv maps.

I definitely didn't want to have to use the targa method that I had learned in the ebody discord from 2 creators. I do very much appreciate their teachings and willingness to help. :)


P.S. You can view the torso neck painting on my Flickr, by clicking on the photo to visit my photostream. :)

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My photostream was cluttered. I have hidden the videos and photos for now. I'll be uploading them to my youtube channel. When they are all uploaded, I'll create a new thread, so that you will know they are available for viewing. I'll be sharing them as links with no preview, so that they can be viewed on youtube only. 

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I normally use the templates from robinwood website https://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLPages/AVUVTemplates.html . You can download some photoshop files from that website so you can have something to help guide you. Then usually what I do is I open the file that want from that website or you can use a different UV from another body if you have that. Then I would use Krita and open up one of the the Uv files on krita and then it is pretty much you add in a new paint layer and begin to draw on that new paint layer that you have just added in. Then once you have all your drawing and that done on a layer or even several layers. you would then hide all the template lines by hiding those other layers and then just save your painting and stuff you've done without all the template lines. You will also need to save it as like a PNG and then on secondlife I then go to inventory and then you click the + and then add clothes and then select new tattoo. Add new tattoo to yourself and then right click it and select edit from inventory and then you will see some boxes that say head, upper and lower tattoo and you just click one of those boxes. So if you made say a upper tattoo using the upper body uv template. you will then select that and then you will then be able to test the tattoo texture that you have made by clicking local first. Then if you like the tattoo you have made click to upload that image and then be sure to click inventory and select the new texture you uploaded and save the tattoo. and it should then stay on your body and then you have made a simple system layer tattoo. 

Also when making tattoo's make sure the background that your painting on is transparent. Also the opacity of layers can be edited as well so if you play around with lowering the opacity you can end up getting a more faded tattoo effect also. :D. Also you can use photoshop and other programs to make tattoos too :)

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13 hours ago, Robotshaz said:

But yes the top and lower psd files from that robinwood website is useful if wanting to get started in tattoo designing :). Or yes if you have uv's for other bodies and that. you could even use those also. 


Hi there. It looks like you want to teach people how to create a tattoo for new residents. You could create your own thread instead of taking my thread over. while I do appreciate you wanting to help, taking over another person's thread isn't the way to do it.

I do know how to use uv templates and I have the creative cloud all apps bundle. My problem at the time was to reduce the jagged edges and blurriness, because I am a perfectionist.

Majority of the tattoos I see inworld, have a lot of jagged edges and some are blurry, on closeup.

I just recently learned that I should be downsizing my designs in photoshop to 1024 squared. If I allow the sl system to size it down to 1024 squared, it will bring in artefacts, unwanted extra pixels, further distorting my texture. 

With that new information provided to me from the Lelutka team in their discord server, I did a test design, resized from a large resolution to 1024, and it indeed looked amazing inworld.

On 1/22/2022 at 9:48 AM, Todd Sivith said:

I've found the same thing Kytteh.  I've been playing around trying to figure it out, but I get no response from anyone that I've asked.  I think it's their way of eliminating any competition for lindens. 🤨

It does feel that way for sure. I love encouraging people to create their own art as I don't like seeing stolen art inworld on bodies and faces.

Encouragement is also empowerment. I want people to be happy and not frustrated, like I was.

I was fortunate to get help from both the ebody and lelutka discord servers.

I am going to tell you exactly what I do, so that you can learn from me and make your own amazing art for SL. :)

I am now painting on the Lelutka HD uv map layers, because these maps have bigger areas in which you can create high definition textures.

The script in the applier is what routes it to the specific part on the head, which means I don't have to resize it to fit the Lelutka uv head map.

HD uv maps designs cannot be created as bom system layers, they can only be an applier.

While I have seen so many customers complain about HD appliers, I now know why artists choose to make HD cosmetics. 

I am still using the same resolution size but now my ppi is larger. Some designs looked better than others, before I learned that using a powerful graphics design program is much better to resize than sl ever would do.

Sometimes I share my creation process in the Lelutka discord, but I always feel no one cares, or that it will get lost in all of the blogger shares of people showing off their Lelutka heads, so I delete my posts.

So, if you want to make original tattoos and cosmetics for specific heads and bodies, it's best to use the uv map for those body parts, so that not only does it align correctly, but if they have their own uv map, you will get a more polished texture without the bleeding edges aka jagged edges on closeup view.

Start with a document at 4096 by 4096 with the ppi at 1200.

Open as a layer the uv map file into this document. In Photoshop, I click Edit and then Place as embedded, then click the checkmark to set it in place.

I zoom about 35% in, as I have found if I zoom in too close, it distorts the textures for me inworld.

Or, that could have been because I used to upload at 2048 squared.

Once you are done with your design, press ctrl+alt+i to open the image size window.

Don't change the width and height. Only change the ppi from 1200 to 300. This will automatically change the WxH to 1024 squared.

Upload as a local texture or send in a ticket to ask for access to the beta grid. they will make a copy of your inventory and send it there, then will ask you to login to that testing grid with the official sl viewer first, then you may use any 3rd party viewer on the 2nd login and future logins.

If you are creating for the Lelutka heads, unpack the creator kit. Create a cube and in the contents, add the LTA script. then place the design texture into the texture window, using Local, click Add, and select your resized art image.

Close the build window and click the cube, then on the dialog pop up menu that comes up, press which area of the face your texture should be routed to.

Your texture will not have jagged edges, as long as you do it this way.

I also add the regular sharpen filter from the Filters window in photoshop.

Then I click the adjustments tab and add vibrance and curves. I look at the design on the transparent layer to see how bright it becomes while also making sure it has some contrast, which is what I use the curves adjustment for.

That's all I do for adding effects in photoshop before uploading to sl.

I recommend trying Adobe Fresco. you get it for free if you own an ipad.

Even with the trial version(30 days) on pc and mac, you can still do a lot with the tools and brush packs you get. If you upgrade, you get access to the clip mask tool, which is great for painting inside the shape design you made from photoshop's pen tools. you must always have your shape with a filled color to see the painting you are doing on the clipped layer.

When I create a shape with a pen tool, I like using the curvature tool in photoshop, it's so much easier for me than the default pen tool.

Also with your upgraded plan, you get a big amount of brush packs, plus the ability to install brush packs by professional artists, which can be accessed from some of the preset brush packs when you open those windows.

In fresco, there are shape tools and a freestyle shape tool that allows you to create thin to thick strokes with masking and other options. I love that tool, it's so easy to create when you use a stylus pen and an art tablet, which is what I have.

I bought a cheap art tablet from amazon, from the company, Huion.

They also have their official website if you prefer buying from official websites.

If you have any questions, please reply back. 

You can also animate your designs in fresco as well. There are always new tools being added in each update.

There is a new feature and it's the best feature that LL added to the test grid!

Now every new purchase you make in the main grid, is automatically synced over to your copied inventory in the testing aka beta grid!

That is so awesome! No longer do you need to keep sending in a ticket to ask for your inventory to be copied over again.

If you use the official viewer, the syncing happens much faster while using a 3rd party viewer, can take up to a day or more to be synced there.

If anyone wants to teach people how to do very basic textures without all of the information or with further information that is different than what I am teaching and so on, p[ease create your own thread.



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Hello everyone. I want to let you know I have been adding fx to my art designs in photoshop, after first creating in adobe fresco.

I add bevel and sometimes drop shadow, with the color trying to match the color of the artwork.

It really brings more depth to the tattoos.

I'll share some examples of what I have created recently.

I have a prettier version of this photo, with hair added but the hair covers 2 tattoos and this is more about showing you examples, than pretty pictures.


As you can see, adding bevel really makes these tattoos stand out.

I created the squiggle brows, bandaid and heart on the nose.

No drop shadow on these tattoos.

I also will create a new layer on top of my sketch layer and create 2 to 3 swatches of colors next to each other.

Then I choose the eyedropper for multiple colors and it will pick them up, so that when I paint, I paint with 2-3 colors.

It somehow makes my watercolor brush much more thicker and creates cool effects.

It's what I did with the bandaid.

If you draw a shape over the bridge of the nose, it automatically makes it curve around the nose once placed on the head.

Pretty interesting to learn this!

I really love the bevel look on the word, "no".

I really hope you try this yourself and see what you can come up with!

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forgot to say what the tattoos I made are, which has now been added
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Another tattoo I created with bevel and also drop shadow, using a color to closely match the artwork itself, turned out looking like wax.

I did a brighter version too and to me, the dark original looks like dried wax and the brighter version looks like wet wax.

So that is what I named them as.

red wax - eye heart u(dried) - reborn


red wax - eye heart u(wet) - reborn


I still want to work on this tattoo and either make the eyeball brighter or maybe put some darker strokes around it, in fresco, so that it pops more and you can easily see that it is an eye.

Just really in love with how this turned out with the "eye heart u" inside the "wax".

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