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Hello new neighbor: Mainland parcel - L$ 200 weekly - 197 Prims - 576 sqm - Flat Grass - Near Public Road/Rezz Zone

Aeon Crystal

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We are looking for a neighbor for our vacant lot adjacent to our property.

You get 576 square meters with 197 Prims  for L$ 200 weekly

Parcel top view

  • Maturity rating: Mature
  • Renting Type: Residential only
  • Features:

✓ access to public road
» you can walk from the East side of the land through the neighboring parcel, to reach the nearby public road.

✓ near public rezz-zone and YavaScript Pod (Maebaleia South)
» take a free pod-tour and explore the Satori continent. ?

✓ quiet neighborhood
» all neighboring plots are rented and up in the sky, except for the East side which is our property.

✓ pretty flat grass land
✓ self-management
✓ refundable anytime
10% discount on 4 weeks rent

✓ personal pets welcome (no farms or breeding)
✓ skyboxes okay

Take the Taxi to visit the parcel in Second Life

See more on our Places page and/or
❥ Visit our blog fore even more details

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