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Create Magic with BlueMoon Weddings and choose your own journey!


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BlueMoon Weddings may be one of SL's newest wedding companies but the owners have been largely instrumental in setting up some of the well known event companies currently operating. We truly believe in bringing the magic to your special day ensuring not only a (as much as can be) flawless event but also making sure your day is unique to you. We have been tirelessly working on getting ready to serve the wider SL and require some amazing staff to help us in our vision. While we are currently hiring for various roles, we are big on allowing our staff to fulfill various roles and grow alongside us. Full training will be provided to set you up for success.


* Videographer (Aka the one that knows how to make that video look smooth and beautiful) will be responsible for capturing all those special moments. Obviously to make this happen you have to know the perfect angles, windlights, editing and your computer is up there in awesomeness.

* Photographer has the poses, the angles and the editing talent to not only capture the perfect images but also edit some pesky flowers showing up in just the wrong places (it definitely happens!) 

We are looking for reliability so hiring for all timezones, ages and stages and like we mentioned - we are willing to train the right people. If we have peaked your interest even a little, check out our application and come meet with us so we can chat about why we are a good fit for you!



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