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Using BelliPin/BelliFind to locate Trick or Treat Candy Buckets

diamond Marchant

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This post concerns using BelliPins and the BelliFind HUD for locating Candy Buckets in "The Great Trick or Treat Event, Bellisseria!" I have checked and this is allowed :)

For full details about this event, see  Patch's Post

Get your Candy Bucket and Trick or Treat HUD here: Millbank Region and other places listed in Patch's Post.

Get a free BelliFind/BelliPin Package on Marketplace:  BelliFind/BelliPin Package on Marketplace

The event starts on Monday October 18, 2021 and ends on November 1.

*********** Linden Home Owners ***********

To make it easy for others to find your Candy Bucket, do this NOW.

1. Rez your Candy Bucket and rez a BelliPin Place object next to it.

2. Edit the BelliPin and set the Description to "Trick or Treat Candy Bucket"

3. Touch the BelliPin to make it invisible.

Go here BelliBin Headquarters in Kiva  to see an actual setup (with a visible BelliPin).

***********  Everyone **********

To find Trick or Treat Candy Buckets, beginning October 18

1. ADD your Trick or Treat HUD and your BelliFind HUD. They will appear in the upper left and right screen corners.

2. Enter a region in Bellisseria.

3. Look in chat for messages such as "Place location at Memison (194,55,22) Trick or Treat Candy Bucket ". The found Candy Bucket is at that SLURL. WARNING - The parcel may have a security orb so it you teleport, you may wish to land outside the parcel.

Also look for pinkish dots on your HUD which indicate all Place Pins. For those walking or in vehicles, the yellow triangle shows your current position and direction.

4. Touch the Candy Bucket to register it on the Trick or Treat HUD.

To find just Pins (and no BelliBin waste bins), click the gear icon on the BelliFind HUD and click "Find Pins".

Have Fun!!!

Candy Bucket at Kiva.png

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