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GensoSL ; An exploration-based region with RPG elements


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we cool to self advertise now?


Welcome to the land of fantasy!

GensoSL is a tribute project to a certain well-loved anime shoot-em-up, that's kind of sort of evolved into my experimental game building project. Its general purpose was to combine my love of the series it's based on, as well as be a space that includes what I love to see most in SL - those being solo explorative opportunities and interactive elements.

General theme is fantasy Japan / anime aesthetics, but any avatars are welcome to explore! Just note the region is M rated, so like, wear clothes at least?

What is there to do?

There's exploring across 2 regions with multiple levels, but the region also utilizes a HUD system that allows for more game-like RPG elements, like scripted quests and NPC enemy encounters. The implementation of the system is still fairly recent, but it's quickly being expanded upon as I learn more every day! Though of course, it's entirely optional, so if you'd just like to walk around and look at the environment, that's totally ok too!

Additionally, every 2 months, GensoSL holds 'story events' that are essentially just glorified scavenger hunts / minigames with exclusive item prize(s)!

While the HUD system does have player interaction and RP tools, you're not obligated to RP in any way - just slap on an OOC tag! People mostly visit to explore on their own or just chill, so the RP environment is very very casual.

All 'minigames' and rewards will be free to participate in and receive forever - they simply require you have the HUD attached.


The region is in a constant state of change, with more being added and improved upon, even if it's just under the hood technical stuff. That being said, while the region has an update Discord that can be joined via links inworld, I understand not everyone is familiar with Discord, and will try to showcase major updates in this thread.

Construction forecast:

  • The old underworld / snowy level  - actively undergoing a facelift! please wait warmly
  • The animal realm / cyberpunk level - needs TLC, to be facelifted soon
  • General... interior decorating of filler houses

If you'd like to give a visit, here's the SLURL!

it's pretty quiet most of the day but i don't mind cuz i did intend for it to be a quiet place to explore on your own or with a small group : p 

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I was originally going to post this yesterday but all the event stuff tired me out @w@

But! The October event - Necrophobia - is live! Instead of a hunt, it's a small trick or treat 'minigame' and a boss battle! Again it's free to participate in and runs until the end of October! And you can fight the boss co-op style, if you want :}

Information can be found by clicking the poster either at the RP center or at the landing! Or just look at the event blog here.

The ground level has changed seasons as well! This will stay until December.

Second update!

Old underworld / snowy level has been completely redone and it's very pretty now! I think it is at least.


This is just a small snippet of it, so if you're itching for that winter vibe early you can find it through the giant hole in the ground just to the side of the hill the shrine is on.

The upgrade was done by resident Annabell Wandsworth , and she's open for this kind of work if you're the type who's interested!

Animal realm has also had some minor touchups, so the construction forecast should be clear!

Now that event stuff is out of the way I can get to properly working on planned updates, like more sidequests and NPC battle encounters!

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'thread has been inactive for 62 days' oops

SO about that! Guess who got super severely ill! Me! So I had to stall development to cope with my personal health. But After 2 months of waiting for anything to happen, 2 days ago I had surgery that will finally end my health nightmare (I hope).

In the meantime, here's what I have gotten done;

Ground level is set up for winter! It's snowy now. This will stay thru mid February, though I may tweak the EEP settings a bit.

This is the only cosmetic change for December, as unfortunately due to my health I was unable to complete a story event for December (they will resume in February!). However I do plan putting out a special gift out sometime in the middle of the month! Since that's ALSO when the sim's first anniversary is :}



There is a 'daily quest' now! Go through the big 'ol hole in the ground near the human village and navigate to the palace and a talkative cat will be waiting! She has lots to say about the setting of the sim for those unfamiliar with it's inspiration's source, but will also offer to give you a job of picking up takeout for her!

There are 5 possible locations to be directed to, each with to-be-expanded on dialog. The reward is either EXP or a healing item (leftovers!)

Again, due to the severity of my health issues, the NPCs here do not have 3d models yet. Instead, they're fun little 2d cutouts until I can get on modeling them 😛



The Scarlet Devil Mansion is undergoing MAJOR renovations! As in, I blew up like a quarter of the west sim to put in a big building. Hoping to include some miniquests and lots of dialog in here! But for now there's uh, lots of placeholder prims and it's generally a mess. I'm working on it!

Also, nearby I added 7seas because I'm a sucker for tacky prim novelties - but I intend to add some unique custom prizes from that in the future! The old fishing minigame played through GPhud is still completely usable, however!



Now that the thing that'd been causing my health to reach the point it was is gone, hopefully I'll be a bit more active when it comes to updating! I'm currently waiting on a GPhud update to include some larger changes (more battleable enemies as well as a larger story 👀)

That's all the updates I have for today! I missed working on the sim a bunch so I'm glad to hopefully get my groove back : p

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On 12/28/2021 at 3:34 PM, JeromFranzic said:

Nicely done! I haven't been there in a few months... hope you're recovering well from the sugery. :)

(i swore i made this post a few days ago but it seems that weird passing of time at the end of the year has gotten to me)

thank you!!! recovery has been going well and i've been able to get things done that i'd shelved and it's fun to get back into that. 


as for updates; (this isn't in reply to the above, simply to avoid double posting)

bottom level of the scarlet devil mansion is done, excluding the back garden and backrooms! there's probably still some plywood lying around but im hoping this monster will be complete sometime in january in time for the february event!


additionally, i've made a trello for my to-do list for those interested in following what's in store.

here's to the new year in new health!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 701 days.

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