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First time buying Mesh Head Applier


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Hey, I hope someone can help me out with this, SL has changed a lot and I have no idea how to use BOM stuff.

Bought a Lelutka Nova Head pack and managed to figure that out however, I have no idea how to use a head applier that I bought. I tried looking at youtube vids but no actual vid on these specific appliers.

The one I bought was from Glamfair, Lelutka Nicky Mesh Head Applier and I've attached the pics that show but don't really work. Not sure what to do? Please if someone can give me some insight about how this works that would be great thank you.

mesh head applier1.png

mesh head applier.png

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That applier won't work on any Lelutka Evolution heads because aside of HD layers (brows, lipstick and eyeshadows) and eyelashes they don't support any appliers, only BoM. Demo things next time to make sure something you want to buy works. If you like Glam Affair skins, then go to their main store (not satellite store, that one has rather old things in there) and pick up demos made for EvolutionX (or EvoX) there.

If you are comfortable with using Discord, then they have official and active group there, join through the link in group's description and they'll help you with any questions you have in real time.

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Yes, I agree with steeljane 42, you have bought a product that does not work with the kind of head you have.

I am sorry, but take this as a warning, that you should always demo what you buy first. There are several "generations" Lelutka heads. The head you have bought, does not use skin appliers at all. That were the older generation. It is still products for sale, since people grow attached to their look and will keep their old head.

Lelutka has updated 20 of their heads to EvoX, but it is limits to how long back a company can update the products.

It is nothing like a "BOM Applier". It is either BOM or an applier. But to add to the confusion you must feel, there are HD appliers for eyemaleup and lipsticks.

What you do with the head you bought, is shopping for a skin marked Lelutka Evo X. Almost all skin sellers separate the head and the body, so what you buy is a face. Depending on what body you have, you buy the body skin from the same seller.

Were you in SL when we had tattoos? You will often see a tattoo symbol next to the facial skin. This is because you can only wear one skin. So the face is usually on a tattoo layer. This is the bottom, where you can add other tattoo layers over. 

You can buy make up as BOM = That is tattoo layers you add on top of the face skin on tattoo.

Or you can buy appliers only for makeup, they will work when they are marked Lelutka EvoX. But always demo first.




Heron-1 (1).jpg

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25 minutes ago, Lillith Hapmouche said:

The candidate in question here has a Nova head, though, so in theory, appliers should stil work.

The head is updated to EvoX, so unless it is bought before the update, it now works as EvoX. Disclaimer: I have not investigated if the old head is still in a separate pack with the update.

The EvoX classic mode is only working for BOM skins, so you can switch between Evo and EvoX skins. But Evo X does not have layers other than the HD layers.

Learning how to use a product that's on its way out, is more confusing that it is worth. It is safer to learn how EvoX works from the beginning.



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17 minutes ago, Marianne Little said:

Or you can buy appliers only for makeup, they will work when they are marked Lelutka EvoX. But always demo first.

Lipstick and eyeshadow Appliers marked as Evo HD work as well on the EvoX version of the heads.  But, as usual, demo first.

Q. Will I be able to use skins and content created for Evolution classic on Evolution X?
A. You will be able to use any previously acquired HD Content (makeups, lipsticks, brows) in both EVO and EVO X mode. BOM (Bakes on Mesh) skins obtained before Evolution X can be used in EVO mode. Still, these WILL NOT fit the custom UV map that Evo X uses.

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The skin OP bought was made for Origins heads in 2018 anyway, so it wouldn't look correct/good on Evo heads even if it did work. Hopefully it was discounted as outdated content, but in either case it's relatively inexpensive lesson to always demo things before buying a full version.

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