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⭐️ 2x Protected Nautilus City - Seaview Parcel - 1024m - [M] - EXCLUSIVE ⭐️

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Looking for a premium home on the exclusive island of Nautilus City? I have a rare double prim 1024m parcel with protected seaview for sale. This is a nice sized parcel being 1024m meaning that you do not need to pay any additional tier if this is your only parcel on SL and you can benefit from the double prim allowance. It is also unique in that it sits on a Romanesque pedestal sitting high above other parcels in this region, giving a real sense of exclusivity. 

Type: 2x Protected Nautilus City Seaview Parcel with double prims
Size: 1024m
Prims: 702
Maturity rating: Moderate
Price: L$94,950

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Kothar/131/51/34

Premium membership required to own this parcel but no additional tier required if this is your only parcel, please click here. Any questions, let me know.

Photos attached. Any questions, please contact me in-world.


Exavor Diesel


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