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Full sim 30k Prim sim , Free Prims ! Low Price, Deal won't last long, hurry before it's gone !

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** Edit : Sim rented ** Offer closed.


Full 30K prim sim for rent with reduced price of only $14,500 per week, which is exactly like getting free prims ! Deal expires on monday so act fast! I will be closing this thread monday evening eastern time and raising the price back up. To Take advantage of the price discount from this advert simply teleport to:


Buy the land , then pay the rental box !


For a mere $14,500 you get a 30,000 prim full sim to customize as you want!


What else do you get?


Change sim rating, General, moderate or adult the choice is yours !


Customer support:

* We will help you upload any terrian file you need

* Quck turn around time for any questions or calls for assitance


You also get full estate rights. You can have us add anyone you wish as an estate manager.



Q: Why are you offering a full sim at below cost? Arent you taking a loss?

A: Yes we are taking a loss, but we would rather take a small loss of about $20 USD a month and keep rights to the sim. Both owners are back in school and starting a business. One owner (( me )) has current health issues as well, so we do not have the time to fully enjoy the sim nor will we for 2+, years. So you get to rent a sim  at below the cost we pay Linden Labs, and we get to keep ownership of the sim in the long run. Everyone wins!

Q: Can you help us terraform the sim?

A: Yes we will help you terraform the sim ONE time after rental if you require some help getting the land to look like the vision you are looking for.


Q: God I hate grass texture, I love beach texture can you change it?

A: We can upload any type of terrian texture you want ! Your not stuck with grassland texture. There are many options available to get the sim to look the exact way you want it!


Q: Do you hear voices?

A: Doesn't everyone hear voices? * looks around paranoid in every direction *


Q: Can we operate a night club or have 24 zillion breedables and 87 prim babies on sim?

A: Sure you can !


Q: How did you get so smexy?

A: Cover guy or maybe it's Maybelline!


Question for you now: Why are you still reading this and not heading over to


and rent the 30K full prim , full rights sim before some wanker or wannabe steals it from under you nose? Why Pay more for a sim when you can rent from the cool kids™?



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