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Looking for a sugar daddy

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Someone to take the hand lead the way , Give good  Guidance help you grow and be there for you , Be a good Friend  with good company little cherishing without sha bang bang and games.


 The first life I tried was not the same. I found one here went real over the last 5 years.   On my main account  I was a broke student in 2011 still figuring out life. I tried the whole sugar thing first life but I was not looking for sugar I was looking for Guidance and friendship. Someone has Master them willing to show respect not all over the place.  I never asked for things I never begged, never forced, just showed up as myself and kept it classy keeping to the imagination using the mind.   He was a single Professional  middle aged Lad who was just tired of games he liked and had a good head on my shoulders that I  was not just after money and flashy things he was not flashy.  I told him I was still figuring out life still on this journey. He was fine with taking the lead he sure did. He showed me the beautiful things in life that we create life like art with a passion. He took me beautiful  places I had never been to and was very  surprised. I was least expecting that in the end he wanted to marry but it was not for me. We meet in sl first life after meeting in second life we did stay friends just I was in to settling down at that time I was growing more in to myself after 5 years turning 25 after the 5 those 5 years was time for me to carry on and grow more not  rely  on anyone my time to do me do this myself   went back to college but stayed in touch Became Master Teacher later on.  Come in  time in your life you're lost or just trying to find things. I know it seems to be a sugar thing but you don't have to be looking for sugar. There is another outlook that leads and gives guidance but keeps discrete until you know you know it's more like a good friendship partnership.  But you deserve your happiness wish you well.

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On 9/16/2021 at 7:11 PM, samanthaxxlove said:

Hello babies! I am looking for a sugar daddy, often visiting SL and open for fun, so If some of you is interested, DM me ;)) kisses


what about 2 or 3 sugar daddys every weekend? And every weekend different ones?

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44 minutes ago, Krystina Ferraris said:

Well I haven't seen on of these in a long time, I had started to wonder whether people had finally gone off sugar ...

And all this time I thought they found HIM :


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3 hours ago, Sid Nagy said:

Is there such a thing as sugar mommies?
Asking for a friend.

   Absolutely (usually spelled as 'sugar mama' though, although personally I tend to go with 'sugar mum' since I'm not a colonial). Though I haven't seen a whole lot of them around in SL.

   Then again, I don't think 'sugar parents' usually go around wearing signs about being such, they'd be instantly flooded by wannabe-babygirls.

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