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What would your avatar smell like?

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We have the most incredible, huge jasmine hedge in RL which permeates the entire house when in bloom. (right now).
Even clothes and linen hung on the clothes line absolutely reek of Jasmine. 😍
Jasmine for sure. 🥳❤️

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Well .... If my avatar is presently using a Vulpine Anthro form and has a sandy or honey colored fur coloration then you'd be picking up that scent of old books (or parchment) that tends to hang around much older libraries and archives as well as a hint of cherry tobacco and - even fainter - the scent you'd get from an active Blacksmith's Forge.

If you want to stretch it a bit and include things that don't have an actual scent per se .... In most other forms (many of which correspond to the RP character I use within Second Life) the best way to describe the scent that tends to hang around them (when they're not mimicking some other scent and even then, it's still present - just buried) is as Starlight and Stellar Wind.

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