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What would your avatar smell like?

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Just now, Lyssa Greymoon said:

Ozone, pumpkin spice WD40 and duct tape.

   I didn't know they had pumpkin spice smelling WD40 .. ^_^

   As for what my avi would smell like, I always preferred the old school descriptions of what it would be like to meet a vampire, being actual undead creatures rather than romanticised Calvin Klein model super-heroes - Bram Stoker described the smell as:

   "With a little trouble we found the key on the bunch and opened the door. We were prepared for some unpleasantness, for as we were opening the door a faint, malodorous air seemed to exhale through the gaps, but none of us ever expected such an odour as we encountered. None of the others had met the Count at all at close quarters, and when I had seen him he was either in the fasting stage of his existence in his rooms or, when he was bloated with fresh blood, in a ruined building open to the air, but here the place was small and close, and the long disuse had made the air stagnant and foul. There was an earthy smell, as of some dry miasma, which came through the fouler air. But as to the odour itself, how shall I describe it? It was not alone that it was composed of all the ills of mortality and with the pungent, acrid smell of blood, but it seemed as though corruption had become itself corrupt. Faugh! It sickens me to think of it. Every breath exhaled by that monster seemed to have clung to the place and intensified its loathsomeness."
   - Dracula, chapter 19.

   Whilst there's no decomposition, the clothes, hair, and perhaps even the skin itself would eventually take on scents from the surrounding crypt, the vague scent of stone, the earth, perhaps even the wood of the coffin might contribute with some subtle notes, and then the raw rusty iron-scent of blood on his breath. Of course, being a Gothic Horror novel, the scent in the description is used as a means to describe the presence of evil in that wonderfully descriptive, vivid but quite vague way, just the same as the landscape descriptions reflect the emotional state of the characters throughout their journeys. 

   TL:DR - Earth and blood. Perhaps the most unsettling part would be the lack of any actual human scent.

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17 hours ago, Bree Giffen said:

If Second Life ever came out with technology to create a scent when your avatar comes near to people… what scent would you choose your avatar to have? Would it be pumpkin? Or oranges?

I’d choose the scent of ice just pulled from the freezer. 


White sage, sweetgrass, cedar, sandalwood and lavender.

Or that crisp, clean smell of freshly sun dried linens*.


*bed clothes, sheets

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I'd have to pick different ones for each of the appearances I routinely wear.

Leaving aside the body aroma which is kept under control by regular showers, I'd have to think about lifestyles and what they would make their clothes smell like.

The anthro feline I wear most of the time would probably smell like a mixture of pipe smoke, whisky and the rest of the "ambience" you pick up performing in dive bars several nights a week :)

The human, well, that's easy. There is a particular "auto shop smell" that seems to seep out of the very concrete of an old-school motorcycle shop. A mix of gasoline, oil, two-stroke exhaust. degreasers and something else not quite identifiable.. If any of you have smelled it in RL you will know EXACTLY the aroma I'm thinking of. Car shops manage to not quite generate it, motorcycle shops sure do.

The borg, on the other hand, given his RP history, would probably have little to no aroma at all, unless somebody puked on him in sickbay :P

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 79 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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