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Are there any problems associated with a large object occupying parts of two adjacent parcels with common (group) ownership in different regions?

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I want to construct a building on two contiguous parcels owned by my land group. The parcels are in different regions. The layout of the building is such that objects within it would be wholly in one or the other region, and region crossings by users would be infrequent.

Should I expect any problems because the building crosses the region boundary?

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An object only has physics on one region, so any parts that extend into a region other than where it's rooted will behave as if phantom on that other region.

(I'm not sure that's what you mean, though.)

[ETA: Probably that's not what you mean, inasmuch as "objects... would be wholly in one or the other region", and if region crossings are infrequent it may not matter anyway, but nonetheless: common practice is to invisibly overlap the region border a few meters from both directions to make crossings a little smoother—which may still not be relevant, I'm not sure.]

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Along with what Qie has said, I think you BEST option if possible would be to build (or split if the house is mod and not your build) each piece separately and then have them "meet" at the sim line.  When I was making a two sim dance venue at one of the SL birthday celebrations I was trying to do what you are doing and it did NOT go well LOL.  Eventually I reworked the build and got it OK.  

Another method would be to make the house phantom and then put in "invisible walls" where you needed the physics with the floors butting up against each other.  You STILL might fall through  -- or there may have been improvements.  I think you will just need to try and see. But yes, it can be problematic -- what you want to do. 



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To avoid falling through on region crossings I have found extending prims by a third across the boundary on each side and overlapping generally prevents falling through. Worth a bit of testing and trial and error it is a bit of an art getting the amount to extend over correct, I recall it being a third but 25% might work, something like that anyway.

*Qie says by a few metres, I haven't found that sufficient but then I am normally working with 60m sized road pieces when I have had to solve the problem. 

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