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⭐️ Protected Water Parcel with Sailing Access - 2048m - [M] - CHEAP ⭐️

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I have a delightful 2048m parcel for sale or rent with protected sailing access to hundreds of sims. This is ideal if you want access to sailing regions at an affordable cost with very low monthly tier.**

Type: Water parcel
Size: 2048m
Prims: 703
Maturity rating: Moderate
Price: L$25,000 (L$ 12.2 sqm)

This is currently the cheapest parcel of its kind in the region priced for quick sale at L$25,000. You may also rent this parcel for L$500 per week


All static objects can be retained indefinitely after the sale or returned back to me if preferred. 

Premium membership required to own this parcel but only additional 1024m tier required if this is your only parcel. **Premium membership/tier is not required for rental. For information on Linden Lab tier pricing, please click here. Any questions, let me know. 


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