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Do YOU want a free homestead?


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This project is for anyone interested in receiving a free homestead (1/4th of a region) to develop a unique space and contribute traffic to the larger community. The purpose of this project is to bring together four different Second Life communities that might not otherwise interact but who together can maintain a lively and vibrant region. 

No idea is a bad idea but please be specific when describing your idea for a unique community. Please answer all questions with as much detail as possible. The region is rated Adult - sexual focused community ideas are welcome (e.g., BDSM) but the priority of the community should be conversation, education, hangout, games, friendship, dating etc. All ideas must of course follow LL and SL TOS. 

If your idea is chosen, you will be contacted in-world with further details. Please be aware, you will essentially become a co-manager of the region and will be solely responsible for managing your community. There will be minimal to no oversight or management by the region owner. You will be expected to work alongside the other co-managers to resolve conflict. 

Thank you and good luck!


Community Sim Project


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