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Is friends list still borked?

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59 minutes ago, Pixie Kobichenko said:

( I tried searching the forums & just googling but can’t the threads I’ve seen in the past few months)

I logged on the other day, & accepted a friend invite & I noticed on my dashboard they aren’t showing up?

You may have to friend them again.  It happens. It's happen to me for years off and on 

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1 hour ago, Pixie Kobichenko said:

I don’t know how to run SL but those seem like pretty important things that need fixing.

   Seeing how long we went without maps .. Treasure the friends you already have. ^_^

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1 hour ago, missyrideout said:

By dashboard, you mean the website? Because If I hide my alt's online status from myself in world, they no longer show on my web dashboard.

I know what you’re talking about, but I know this person doesn’t have themselves hidden.  

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13 hours ago, Mr Amore said:

From what I've noticed, sending a Friend Request to an offline avatar will reach them, but when they login and accept it will fail. Both sender and receiver need to be online for it to stick.

I encountered that a year back when a performer wanted to add me to his friend's list and it didn't take.

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