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The story goes like this:

I'm super newbie on this creation stuff. If you're not tolerant at all, please ignore this topic. So, I completed this Oema Resident tutorial I watched on Youtube about clothes for SL. All good and dandy for the first 30 minutes. Then she says something about using blender, UV Maps and rigging. Her following tutorials are somewhat confusing for she goes from working on a dress (Marvelous) to rigging a blouse (blender)

I've never heard of the word rigging before, and as far as I've understood it has something to do with clothes and avatars movement (????)

Apart from downloading blender, I kind of got the idea that I needed the avastar add-on, which only made everything more confusing. I know what UV Mapping is about for I have some experience with cc thanks to the Sims 2

To be fair honest, I don't care for creating skirts or dresses, if that's what this rigging concept is really about. I'm down to learning from a to z when it comes to something with a niche opportunity (glancing at my business diploma here 🤣). And by that I mean that there are more than enough creators supplying the basics of fashion market (clothes in general)

Is this rigging process really necessary for all sorts of clothes? I could focus on some components in particular, not fashion as an overall

Do you know any tutorial that goes as far as teaching how to create AND upload that content to SL? I was getting the hang of Marvelous when I realized I couldn't complete the work on the sole software, and this ultra nice girl from the videos didn't make a follow up on the dress. Don't even get me started on blender... it goes beyond my daily dose of new concepts



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That's really unfortunate you spent so much money on Marvelous Designer only to find out it doesn't do what you need. Hopefully you have had fun learning and making stuff anyway.

The Mesh sub forum here is probably the best place for your question, but as you will need to use 3d modelling software to progress your work you may want to start with a beginners tutorial for Blender, as Avastar is no good for you if you don't know your way around Blender. You need to know how to use Blender in order to use Avastar and rig. There are lots of basic tutorials about Blender on YouTube. One step at a time.

If you don't want to rig, some things you could make in Marvelous Designer might be unrigged scarves and hats and similar accessories. But mesh from MD is not optimised and you will need to take it into Blender to get it ready for SL.

Another alternative is to keep honing your skills in MD if you are enjoying it and pay a rigger.



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It's really not as bad as you think, rigging. It just takes some practice to get the workflow down. There are a couple snags, but the beauty of Avastar is it does most of the heavy lifting for you. You will of course have to do some weight painting, but overall it streamlines the process. There is also Bento Buddy that assists in rigging. Both are a relatively small investment for the return you get.

You could also make jewelry and other static objects if you're overwhelmed by the process. That's probably the best way to learn blender, UV maps and texturing, all which are part of the creation process. 

I would say give yourself some time, clothing and skins are among the hardest things to create in SL. Starting off there can become overwhelming just because of the workflow. Find yours first, keep learning!

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I agree with Stephanie, Your best bet is to start by learning the basics of blender first...get the hang of what all it does because there's ALOT. I learned all about rigging and what not when I used to make cc for The Sims 4. I first learned by making stuff only in Blender...that really helped me understand how it works. Once I got the hang of DECENT clothes in blender then I moved on to using Marvelous Designer...and that way i had a better understanding of what to do once i had an obj imported into Blender from MD. This was a few years ago and I'm STILL learning...its not something that your going to learn over night. But that should be obvious haha

I know of some GREAT YouTube tutorials that really helped me out, Id be more then happy to share them with you if you want 🙂 message me in world, Evolava Resident, if you'd like! 


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