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Mesh breaking when stretching to fit..never used to happen before, but happening constantly now, any ideas?

Kitty Otoole

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Hi All, this is doing my head in so if anyone can offer a solution I would heartily appreciate it!

A couple of months ago I noticed when I was trying to resize furniture items that the items would seemingly 'crack', I'd no idea why this happened as I have never had issues resizing stuff before for the perfect fit.  I was going to pursue it and ask further but you  know, life gets in the way, and I assumed it was a glitch that was perhaps impacting SL and would be swiftly rectified.  

Well I've just come to resize an item and it's. still. happening. I have wracked my brains and have no answer to why this could be? I'm using the latest version of Firestorm, and I never mess with the big bad settings so I just don't know what's happened suffice to say it's frustrating as heck. Could there be a setting in the 'Develop' menu that's perhaps been knocked off during a recent FS upgrade? I literally have no idea except to say I want to be able to stretch and resize stuff again willy-nilly but I am a very exasperated Kitty as I cannot bleeding well do it anymore, GAHHH!!!

If anyone can suggest a solution that will help me hang on to my remaining brain cells I would appreciate it!

Kitty =^..^=

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Can you show what this "cracking" looks like?

It might be because you're resizing the object with the "edit linked" option enabled, possibly with Ctrl + Shift held while resizing. This would resize the individual parts of the linkset, rather than the whole linkset.

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Here's an example: first picture normal, second picture when I tried to resize. I don't have 'Edit Linked' selected when doing this. 

I've never had any issues previously resizing mod items so it is SO FRUSTRATING!

Any advice gratefully received, TY for responding! 

Kit =^..^=

Console normal.jpg

Console stretched.jpg

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